Top 12 Tips To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post Titles

Blog post title is one of the most important part for every post. A good and eye catching post title can easily attract and summarize our entire post. But it is so complicate to select a decent post title. When a visitor makes a search on search engines they first look the post title and of course everyone feel interested to visit which one has good title.
See below example, which will you select?

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BLogger Post title

It will also enhance your SEO presence. I know it is so difficult to select a post title which is looking good and search engine friendly for new blogger.
Well, in this post we will learn up to 10 tips about how to write good and proper SEO friendly blog post titles.

Post title seo tricks

1. Simple is always best

Search engine loves simplicity. People never make a search query with critical phrases, words or sentences. Always put most common and most searched keywords in your post titles. This will increase your SEO section as well.

2. Keep matching with post description and post title

You have to keep similarity between your full post and title. If you write a post about Landscape photography and you create your post title about Portrait photography then you will be drop from SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

3. Select descriptive blog post title

Post title is a summary about our full post. Blog post titles are generally short, but it gives our readers a basic idea about our whole content. So selecting a descriptive title is very important to attract your visitors and search engine’s bots.

4. Be different from others by using synonyms words

Use common synonyms key words to create your post title. Synonyms words are similar words. For example: Instead of Uncommon you can use Unique word. By this trick you can focus same content with different title twist. Hey, this practice will polish your vocabulary knowledge.

5. Keep your title within 66 characters

Search engine results can not display long titles. See below:

tips for post title

So, you have to keep your post title within 66 characters with proper keywords.

6. Use attraction words in post titles

Grab your audience attention by using trendy words. Such as: HOT, TOP, CRISPY, KILLER etc. But keep in our mind your trendy word must be related to your content description.

7. Use proper and niche keywords

This part is very important because of SEO. Using high searched and top level keywords can give you smart traffic. You can use google keyword tool to analyze.

8. Use the words which look best

Always use eye catching and good looking words in your post title. Because, everyone like beautiful things. Are not you?

9. Create questionable post titles

When people search for something they generally enter search queries something like these:
“How to increase blog traffic”
“What is online marketing tools”
Which types of game are bad for kids”
So, create your post title questionable to surf more blog traffic.

10. Try to be unique

Google love uniqueness. Try to keep your post and post title different from others. This will present you that you are totally unique and very serious about blogging career.

11. Customize your blog post title for SEO

For this purpose you are invited to read- Make blog title appear after post title. This will change your post title look.

12. Don’t use symbol character

Never use some symbol character except . , : ” + - etc. Some different symbol like as ♠ ♣ ♥ ☻ ☺ ∩ ♫ etc. will makes your post title very ugly and it will drop your rank. So avoid it.

Let me know if something unclear. Have fun!


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  1. Great 12 tips which affect in different way to seo process i woul like to share it with my friends so they can also used it and get benifit.

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  3. These 12 tips on how to write seo friendly blog really helps a lot. I am new at blog writing and so far I want it to be seo friendly. It is good that I have read your post. Thanks.

  4. Good post.........The tips were really very useful for me as i could write SEO friendly blogs.....

  5. Good post.........The tips were really very useful for me as i could write seo friendly blogs......

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