How To Update Facebook/ Twitter Automatically With Your Blog Post

Facebook and Twitter, as you know these social networks are full with lots of user. That means you can get lots of traffic to your blog from these sites. To do that you have to update your status with your blog posts, but it is really boring to update status manually and also it will destroy your valuable time. So it is necessary to update facebook and twitter status with your blog post automatically. In this tutorial I will be sharing with my lovely readers how to publish your blog posts automatically to facebook profile or facebook page and twitter as your status update.

The solution name is

Auto post update to FB and twitter

What is and how does it work? is a web application which collects your blog updates via your RSS or Atom feed and publishes immediately to your selected facebook page and twitter account.

Setting up for auto publishing

1. Go to and register for an account and don’t forget to confirm your account from your mail inbox.

2. Log in to your account.

3. After log in click +Add Route.

auto facebook update with blog post

4. A new window will appear. See its options carefully.

# In Click here to name your route box give your Route name.

# From Sources box click +add and in Feed URL box type your RSS or Atom feed URL and select When should we make your first post?  as your choice.

5. Click Save Source.

6. Now from Destinations box click +add.

7. From new window select Twitter and Facebook and authorize them.

8. Click Save and you are done.

NOTE: Check your Route status. Is it active or paused?

auto twitter update by blog post


If you will do as I describe above, your blog post will publish automatically to your Facebook and Twitter account. After setup this I recommended you to post a new article and check your Facebook and Twitter status. If these are updated by your newest post, then everything is OK.

I have tried my label best to make this tutorial easy. If something is unclear please don’t wait to ask me.

Have fun! Allah Hafez!


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  1. An alternative of is "". This site is also reliable and helpful.

    Thanks for sharing this helpful tutorial Admin. Waiting for more....

    Abdur Rakib
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