20+ Spicy Tips To Make A Blog Popular

Huge traffic is a dream for every blogger. But it will not be a dream if you work properly on your blog. One of the major thing is making your blog popular to almost everyone. Popularity means huge traffic, huge traffic means more revenue. Think, a shop opened and they sell gift items. They have no investment on advertisement, no business communication, no steps to make business more popular and no future targets etc. They will definitely drop. Bloggers are same. They need to hard word on their blog to achieve certain goals. Many blogger are earning huge money from their blog only because have some extra quality on their blogging career.
Here are 20+ tips you must follow to make your blog popular and to get smart traffic.

Making blog popular

1. A custom domain

Pro bloggers never use free or sub domain name for their blogs. Select a custom domain name which will present your blog or business more sensitively.

2. Use a brand logo

A logo is your business identity. Nowadays almost every company or business has their own unique brand logo and your blog is your future career. Select a logo for your blog now.
This is our logo. How is this?

shinemat logo

3. Daily posting

This is very important part for bloggers. Why people visit your blog? Of course they want something new to learn, to know latest news, tutorials etc. If you do not update your blog daily with latest topics you will see dark future in your blogging career. Oh! don't forget to use proper graphics in your post.

4. Proper SEO techniques

Without perfect SEO apply your blog will never get huge traffic. Search engine optimization can grow up your blog high to higher. But keep in mind; never apply any black hat techniques.

Read our SEO series to learn more.

5. Social sharing

Facebook is the largest social platform where many people gather. Make a fan page and publish your blog post there. There is more popular social network available such as twitter, stumbleupon, digg, Google+ etc. Share your content there to drive more traffic and don’t forget this is a great way to promote your blog worldwide.

● Learn How to auto publish blog post to facebook and twitter?

6. Length of your post

Never publish short posts as like status update on facebook. :-) A post length should be in between 500 – 1500 words. But people hate to read too much lengthy posts. So keep your post length average. I mean, between 500 – 1500 words.

7. Eye catching blog design

Everyone loves good designs. Don’t you? Of course you do. It is necessary to hold your visitors. Make your blog design beautiful to look. Use clear fonts, light background, beautiful images and banner etc. In one word, just make it attractive.

8. Avoid grammatical mistakes

Check your articles for spelling and grammatical faults before publishing. Be a pro blogger. People will love your article if you write without mistakes.

9. Simple to understand

Keep your posts and tutorials simple and easy to understand. Use demos, screenshots, and examples if possible.

10. Blog commenting

Leave a comment with your blog link whenever you visit different blogs. This will help to increase your PR and blog traffic.

11. Email subscription option

Keep an email subscription option in your blog so that your visitors can subscribe to your posts. If they get busy they can easily still connect with your blog.

Hey! don't forget to subscribe ShineMat's posts. Simply Click Here To Get Subscribed.

12. Focus on hot and recent topics

Write about recent occurred and hot topics. Because, people never search for old news, tutorials and tricks. This will surely help you to get smart traffic.

13. Be friendly

Be a good friend with your readers. If you have good relation with your visitors they will come back again and again to your blog. This will increase the percentage of returning visitor score.

14. Keywords

Use right keywords and phrases in your blog post. Proper keywords can increase your page views and traffic. I recommended you to use Google keyword tool for analyzing keywords.

15. Good customer support

Your visitors might get problem or error. You have to solve them. Customer support, comment response and feedback should be your second plan in blogging life.

shinemat customer support

16. Forum Posting

Participate in forums where your blog topic related peoples gather. Answer their questions, ask something with your blog link as signature.

17. NO copy paste

Never publish duplicate contents. This is totally wrong way. Google and other search engines love fresh and unique contents. If you publish duplicate content be sure that you will drop from Search Engine Raking Page (SERP).

18. Directory submission

After search engines people use directories to search certain queries. So that it is so important to submit your blog in directories. Beside this do social bookmarking for link building.

19. Advertisements

Advertisement is the prime and major source to promote your blog. Spend some money for advertising your blog. Use TV ads, radio ads, banner ads, calendar etc.

20. Attracting post title

An attractive post title can hold easily visitors attention. Always try to give a simple but creative post titles so that people can get a little bit idea of your full post.

21. Post list

Make a full list of your posts. This will help to navigate and find your blog posts more easily. See our full list of all posts for example.

22. Email Sign

Whenever you send emails to your friends, visitors and relatives always attach your blog links as your email signature. Do just like how I am doing. See below:

Saimoom email sign

That's all. Have a great day!


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