10 Effective Ways To Get Ideas For Blog Posts

It is really very difficult to get ideas for blog posts when you are going to publish several posts per day. Actually sometimes I also suffer about this. After some analyzing I pull some tips from my little brain to get ideas for publishing blog posts. After all, blog needs posts to drive traffic, and your overall traffic is your blogs’s heart. So, come to the point…

Get ideas for blog posts

How to get ideas for writing blog posts?

1. Discover worldwide

You need to discover online every time to be alert what’s happening around the world. This is the simple and easy way to get latest ideas. If you write about some selected topics, search for it online to let know the updates about your topics for sharing on your blog. Never post direct copied contents.

2. Magazines

iphone bookI am a big fan of PC world and C news voice monthly magazines. I buy them every month. Ask me Why? Because it gives me a lot of latest ideas, news and topics plan to post on my blog. Usually maximum magazine cover contains its summery. So, you can use Google image search to get magazine covers. Search with your specific keywords. Such as: “blogging magazine covers” “fitness magazine covers” “2013 tech magazine” etc.

3. Surf article gallery

Browse top articles gallery to find your topic. Ezinearticles, Mashable, Squidoo, eHow etc are biggest article directories. Many experienced authors write there. Read them, learn and express it on your blog by decorating as your way.

4. Questions and Answering sites

Join questions and answering sites. Such as: Yahoo answers, Answers.com, Quora etc. Many people ask questions about anything and if any question’s answer you know simply publish it on your blog and answer them to visit your blog for solution. This will also increase your traffic flow.

5. Your interests, experience and lifestyle

Being a formal blogger looks like something a robot, I think. Be a free guy with your visitors. Share your thoughts, passions, experiences, traveling history, your lifestyle and what’s happening on your life etc. I am sure between a lot of business type posts your readers will love a new twist of personal posts.

6. Be a curious person

curious personCuriousness is very important for bloggers and surely it is a powerful motivator. Follow other bloggers, discuss with them. If you have not curiousness how can you be a pro blogger? I strongly trust that curiousness will give you lots of unique ideas.

8. Newspapers

Read newspaper daily or stay tune online news websites. I spend at least 30 – 50 minutes a day on newspapers and trust me I get at least 3 to 5 fresh, unique and latest posts ideas from newspapers. Why don’t you try this?

9. Posts from reader’s queries

Your readers come to you with different types of questions, problems or errors because they see you as an expert man. Publish posts about the questions you receive with smart solution.

10. New products, services and features

Let your visitors to know about market new product and services. Many people search for latest technological products. Such as: latest processors, new laptops, new services of their local telecom companies etc.

That’s all steps to find new ideas to write your blog posts. Many bloggers follow these ways including me. I am sure you will be surprised when you will know how effective they are.

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Happy blogging…


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