Advantages & Disadvantages Of DoFollow & NoFollow blogs

If you have a blog and want to make your blog do-follow then ask yourself, do you know the advantages and disadvantages of making do-follow and no-follow blog. Some bloggers suggest to make your blog do-follow and some suggest for no-follow. I believe that a blog is a learning point for readers and I get a smile on my face when I fell that my readers learn or got information from my blog. The main thing is “Nothing is important than readers.”
Okay, let’s back to do-follow and no-follow matter…

Do you know, what is Do-follow blog?

Do-follow blog is one which gives you a link which is followed by search engine spiders. You can get seo friendly links from reputed blogs by commenting; if those blogs are do follow. Do-follow blogs are giving you link juice for the links in their comment section.
On the other hand, No-follow is totally opposite of do-follow. If you leave a comment with your link in no-follow blogs then your comment will not follow search engine robots. In short that’s all about do-follow and no-follow.

dofollow or nofollow is best

Now, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of do-follow and no-follow blogs.

Advantages of Do-follow blogs…

1. Do-follow blogs increase blog traffic.
2. You will get more comments for your posts.
3. Able to make backlinks for your blogs.
4. You blog will be getting popularity.
5. You will get requests from other blogs for link exchange.
6. Your blog’s pageviews will be increasing.

Disadvantages of Do-follow blogs…

1. More comments mean a lot of spam comments.
2. Comment moderation will take huge time.
3. All outbound links will be taking place on link juice feature.
4. Many of your readers will post useless comments without reading your articles.

Advantages of No-follow blogs…

1. Spam comments will not come to your blog. You will get only quality comments.
2. Real and after reading full article, only your interested readers will post comments.
3. Comment moderation time is so little.
4. Your comment links will not take place in your link juice section.
5. No-follow blogs free from attacking of spamming and black bots.
6. Because of quality comments and free from flood of links in comments your blog will not get banned by search engines.

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Disadvantages of No-follow blogs…

1. Search engine spider will not see your comment links.
2. Less number of total comments.
3. Many of your readers will not spread their comments because of no-follow attribute.
4. Your internal linking strategy might not work for SEO.

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Now take your decision by analyzing above factors. If you wish to make your blog Do-Follow then read:

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high PR dofollow blogIf you are a regular readers of this blog then you might know that this blog also a do-follow blog and I made this after few years of foundation of this blog. Believe me, I get almost 30 percent spam comments with my quality comments and for reducing these spam comments I have turned on captcha system in my comment section. So, the prime and first suggestions for you, if you can’t handle your blog comments carefully then don’t make your blog do-follow and rest factors totally depend on your mind.

At last, what are you going to do with your blog? Do-follow or No-follow? I will be happy if you share your valuable comment with me.
Be good and safe. :-)


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