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How To Make Blogger Blog Do-Follow?

Do-follow blog is a place where comments come a lot. If you wish to get huge comments on your blogger blog then it is an effective path to make your blog comments do-follow by notifying your readers. SEO experts and webmasters will comment on your posts with their links to get quality backlinks from your blog.

How to make a blog dofollow

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do blog dofollow for more commentsBy default, blogger templates include with no-follow attribute in comment section and no-follow comments has not any value in eyes of search engine spiders. If you make your blog do-follow and if you have good amount of readers then keep in mind you will face spam comments. Because, bloggers and webmasters search for quality do-follow blogs to comment with their links to get link juice from do-follow blogs.
To stop automatic spam comments I suggest you to turn on captcha in your comment section and then approve only quality comments.

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How to make blogger blog DoFollow:

1. Log in to your blogger account

2. Click on your blog title

3. Click Template from left side menu

4. Backup your template before editing

5. Click Edit HTML, Click Proceed

6. Click on Expand Widget Template

7. Now search for the following code by pressing Ctrl+F for Commenter’s URL

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'><></a>

and for backlinks...

<a expr:href='data:backlink.url' rel='nofollow'><data:backlink.title/></a>

8. Now delete rel=’nofollow’ code from your template OR you can change rel=’nofollow’ as rel=’dofollow’.

9.Now click Save Template to done.

That's all pals. Now your blog is Do-Follow blog. If you need any assistance then fell free to ask me. I will be glad to assist you with smile. Have fun! :-))
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  1. Very helpful article. As a newbie in this business, this post surely helps a lot.

  2. Thanks for the Tip Ashraful :)


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