Smart Tips For Writing Quality Articles

A part of online marketing strategy is includes with several content topics for writing articles for blogs, news reports, user targeted posts or topics and tutorials. Making a post with proper SEO elements such as including relevant keywords, ranked keyword phrases, Post header, Meta tags etc. are quite important for getting best results from search engines for quality traffic and ranking.

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As an article writer, it is the one way to publish your views by publishing quality and unique articles. A best article can present you as an expert and your depth of understanding. Your readers will be educating, inspiring, impressing from your written article always. SEO related articles are a one of the prime technique for online marketing world.

Tips about article writing

Tips 01

Don’t ever try to publish low quality articles that copied from someone or from other websites. Remember, your contents will present the important appearance of being search engine friendly to the search engine robots. So, here again I am saying “Quality contents really a matter to success.”

stop copy paste writing

Tips 02

I am sure you know about the importance of analyzing keyword phrases. Pick relevant and top ranked keyword phrases and put it into your content. This will surely help to get traffic. You can get more benefit by writing several articles including your desired keywords for some major article directories and by sprinkling your keyword phrases around in online world. This will enhance your overall contents’ quality in eyes of search engine spiders and for driving smart traffic to your articles or blog and also for making an individual online brand which is your target. Isn’t it?

Tips 03

A quality post with rich keywords and eye catching attractive headline can hold a reader to read your post with interest. Also search engine robots will be loved your posts. Good headlines describe a bit about your full post. So, it’s a really worth matter. Beside this, I recommended you to interlink your post with your other posts and this will increase your page views and reduce your bounce rate. You must be including your prime keywords in your headlines. Make sure your headlines include at least 66 characters because search engines able to show 66 characters in their Search Engine Result Page (SERP). If possible, use sub headlines with your secondary keyword phrases in your post body. See below:

use keywords in post body

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Tips 04

Again, this tips about keywords. Your contents must contain proper keywords. For your assist I recommended to use Google Keyword Tool. Think as a reader and ask yourself, what keyword phrases a reader would be typing in search engine’s search box to search about your content. When you have assorted your keywords, you have to put them in your article in exactly manner. Try to use synonym words related with your keywords or keyword phrases in your post tags to help your readers in locating some related topics on your blog using similar keywords.

Tips 05

Keep in mind, your written article should able to catch your readers’ concentration. It should be informative, interesting and well structured. Be friendly with search engine spiders and let search engines’ index your content in their database.

Seo friendly articles

Make sure your article well with proper spelling and correct grammar because search engines’ hate spelling and grammatical mistakes and then they will throw your article at down in their result pages.

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At last, do something special for your readers to feel it was really useful article and make them interested to read your other articles that you have submitted. To engage your readers more with your written articles do interlinking.

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