5+ Reasons Why Blog Is Failing

Nowadays blogging is not only a hobby or a passion. It is now a smart source of earning destination for many students and for pro bloggers. But earning money is not too much easy. If you think I will setup a blog and publish several posts and money will be coming then you are totally wrong. You might see many book authors, actors, and writer but everyone is not success. Why? Because, they have some mistakes or understanding reasons for dropping down.
The main failing reason I have learned from my little blogging life is Patience. Yes! Blogging is Patience. Sticking with something surely give you success and whatever it is.

Today I am going to share some failing and misunderstanding reasons about why your blog is going down.

reasons for failing

You want more at once

Rapacity is very very bad. Get everything real instead of applying any black methods. Remember wrong ways can give you a smile on your face, but be sure that once you suddenly go down for forever. Never buy facebook likes, twitter fans, backlinks or traffic. Never use any software or bots to make articles or publish posts automatically.

Buying and using illegal tools for marketing your blog

There is huge software available in the market for improving SEO ranking. But it is true if you want to improve suddenly by using illegal software or tools then you will be drop from SERP. Never use any black hat formula or faster link building techniques. When Google will see you can create 100 links in just one minute then they will be sure that you are using black hat techniques or any unauthorized tools to create links, generate traffic or something else. Never buy backlinks from anyone who says something like 1000 backlinks only for 1 USD. I recommended you to do manually as you can effort and use only authorized tools and formula.
For example: Wrapping is not more important than actual products. It’s only for seeing nice. Like that improve your contents, I am sure search engines will wrapping you.

why pwople drop from blogging

Changing posting time randomly

If you change your posting time randomly then you will fail in your blogging career. The reason is something looks like as irregular. You published a post on Monday, then 2 days later you published second post and then 7 days later you published third post and so on. This is really bad both for search engines and your readers. Maintain a schedule for your posts to publish. If possible publish at least one post daily.

You don’t fell serious about your work

You have to be serious about your blogging career. If you are not serious how your readers will accept you as an expert author? Love your work to go forward.

Don’t quit your updates

You should never stop publishing your posts. Because this will drop your ranking and you loose your readership. People will not come again and again if your blog not updated with regular updates. Remember again, Content is king for your blog. That’s why people come your blog for reading.

You loose your patience instead of set a goal

set a blogging goal to success

Another name of blogging is patience. Suddenly success never comes. Make a relationship with your blog for long term. I mean forever. Prevent will come again and again but it is strongly recommended, never stop your forward moving. Set a goal and make a string aim to touch your goal. Many blogs fail because they refuse to go. I hope this will not happen with you.

My suggestion

Look, I am doing blog since 2008 and I never quit my blog for more than one weak. You know why? Because, I love blogging. When I see people read my tutorials, articles and other resources I fell very proud. One thing is really important, and that is Daily Posting. Publish at least 10 posts within a weak. Stick with your favorite work, obviously success will come.

With best wishes, good bye!

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