Top Seven Effective Content/ Article Marketing Tips

Content or article promoting is a smart form of marketing in online world. With content marketing business or website owners uses articles to pull web traffic to their websites. A company or business organization can either be settled on a land or can be run online. Whatever the option, I think the company must have a business website, so that the web traffic can be driven to sell more.

A content marketing campaign or marketing something like products or services via internet, you should consider some of the following factors.


A blog related with your business contents is a vital plan. Blogs get quickly index by search engines spiders. Publish of articles on regular basis in your business blog will help your blog and website for indexing fast to search engines database, so that people can reach your website/ blog very easily through search engines.

Contents in article directories:

In a campaign of content marketing business owners or hired employer can publish articles in major article directories. When you publish an article in an article directory, you automatically allow to publish this same article on other websites or blogs without informing or paying you. This means anyone can share or republish your article through their blogs or other option and you will get the benefits of traffic to your site. Some major article directories list is here.
Don’t forget to use the article resource box. It is a field where you can put yourself or your company information or links to your website. Thus, by the publication of articles in article directories is the multiplication of the number of times it has been published, the more links you will get to your website.

Guest posting:

Another effective form of business content marketing is guest publishing. Generally guest posting means you write article(s) for someone usually for free or for money. In guest posting facility you can include some couple of links either within the main body of article or in the resource/ author info box at the end of the article. I think it a smart and effective idea to make a good relationship with other bloggers and webmasters in similar niches to earn quality backlinks for your business website or blog.

You can also write your unique articles in this blog for FREE to get quality backlinks. Please contact me for further info.

Graphics as information:

Info-graphics, such as bar charts, pie charts and other informative graphics to illustrate the information is a great way to help present information and statistics about your niche. It has one more benefit and that is, it is very easier to share on various social networks.

Article marketing tools


Commenting is a great, smart and time saving way to increase traffic. Find some similar niche blogs, forums or website. Read their contents or queries and then leave a meaning full comment with your links to read or know your views. This will also increase your backlinks level.

Press releases notes:

Press releases is a powerful post marketing tool. There are lots of press release distribution websites in online. You can publish press releases free of charge or you can pay for a service level with these type of websites. No matter what way you choose but these sites will help to spread your business information loudly. This will also help you for well traffic to your website.

Social media and sharing buttons:

Social networking sites is a place where lots and lots people gather. I personally prefer social networking sites for promoting this blog. I add the social media buttons just below at my every post to make share every article or graphic easy. So don’t forget to add social media buttons like as facebook, twitter, Gplus etc.


The Internet world is a non finish place. Remember, everyday several new competitors born for you. If you really wish to stay alive your blog you have to continue your SEO campaign with daily content update. It is also a worldwide market and the forum for advertising. As a SEO known person I’ll say, content marketing is really an effective way to get backlinks and to promote your websites, products, services, blogs and drive quality web traffic to your lovely business page.


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