12 Free All Time Hot Apple iPhone Apps

1. Facebook

Facebook’s application allows you to access fully to the biggest social network site Facebook. Where you can check out your News feed, upload your photos, status update, send and accept friend requests and many more. You can also send instant messages to your friends via message or email.

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iphone facebook apps

2. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio mobile application, it is easy to access, no matter where you are staying. Create your radio station point and listen to music supported by advertising free for 40 hours per month. When you reach the 40 hours for the month, stay tuned next for $ 0.99.

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Pandora Radio apple itunes app

3. YouTube

Youtube is a best place where can you see the latest videos, upload your videos, comment on others videos. You can simply stream your videos directly from your mobile device with this app.

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youtube apple itunes app

4. Skype

Skype is a great application to connect with friends and family for free of charge around the earth. Skype allows you to connect with voice and video calls, text messages and live chat.

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Skype apple itunes app

5. The Weather Channel

Weather Channel application allows you to get informed up to second weather conditions for your local areas even the whole world's location. Its really a good apple app.

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weather condition apple itunes app

6. Twitter

Apple's Twitter mobile app allows you to explore tweets, see what’s trending on the world and whats going on your favorite person's mind and post your own tweets easily to add to conversation. The application has a build in image editor for making photos looking best and allows you to tweet photos more easily than other apps.

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Twitter apple itunes app

7. Google Search

Who does not know Google Search? Google Search application is a smart software for apple's devices for performing better web searches to look something up.

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Google Search apple itunes app

8. Angry Birds Free

Who does not love and play games on mobile?  Yes! Angry birds ad-supported edition comes on iTunes gallery. This app allows you to play Angry Birds for free on iPhone devices. I also play this lovely game often.

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Angrybird apple itunes app

9. Flashlight

If you are walking on dark road then this app will help you like a magic road partner. This application's name is Flashlight. You can simply make your mobile phone into a torch light to make clear your destination on dark road or to locate something in the dark.

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Flashlight apple itunes app

10. eBay

No matter whether you are buying or selling, eBay mobile app is a smart tool to help you get things to done. This application makes it very easy to list all items to sale. You can also buy anything from its large store and send them directly to your home as delivery.

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eBay mobile apple itunes app

11. Fruit Ninja Free

A sweet game for every time. I really enjoy when I play this game in my device. In this game you will be able to slice and dice many types of fruits as they fly across the device display. The more fruits you are able to slice the higher rank you will get.

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Fruit Ninja apple itunes app

12. Google Maps

Google Maps is a great application and I like it personally so much. Recently Apple removed Google Maps from their iOS. This is app which made apple's app store splash. Unlike Apple Maps, Google Maps offers many public and important transit.

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Google Maps apple itunes app


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