5 Distraction Elements You Should Avoid On Blog

You are working very hard to create blog posts and promoting your blog to people to read your posts, but still it is bouncing. The point for this reason is your readers are not loving and friendly with your contents or it is not familiar that you offer in your blog. This will not happen if your readers get concentrate and not leave your site before reading anything.

If this happens with you don’t panic and worry because it is in your hand to solve the problem. When you see your visitors leave your blog as fast as they usually visited then it is ultimately indicates a disturbance of a kind.

what is distraction

Here I am giving 5 (five) distraction points that you should consider as a blogger to keep you develop your loyal readers.

1. Useless gadgets/ widgets

There is no doubt that blog widgets helps a lot to take full advantage of a blog. Widgets also help you to build and maintain a blog more easily. But, if you use too many widgets this will be distraction for your visitors and increase your blog load time. Place only needy widgets that will be helpful for your readers and also for you.

2. Hard color and graphics

Keep in mind, your blog is a great platform to express your thoughts and skills to worldwide via your contents. Excessive use of images and hard solid colors can add a visible spark on your blog which will break your visitors concentrate and focus on main articles they actually come to read. So it looks using of extreme graphics is sabotage your efforts of blogging.
It is recommended to select your images which can catch your readers mind emotionally, beautiful and content friendly.

3. Advertisements

You should setup your advertisements with prudence and sparingly. Using of advertisements should follow the guidelines something of using graphics. Keep in mind, your blog is not just for making money. Your readers will land your blog to read or learn something new, not for buying goods. So, never make your blog a fish market of ads. This will occur feel bad, difficult to find original contents and your visitors may never be return on your blog to read. So again, be careful again when placing your ads code.

4. Images and illustrators

The use of images in post body can help to break up the text and it can give your readers a place to relax their eyes. Images are very important part for your post. Because only text version can be a boring thing for your blog readers. On the other hand, using of too many images can lead to clutter. So, it is important to keep a balance while you insert post images. Do not use over sized, non meaningful and ugly pictures, otherwise, it can cause readers to leave your blog before reading anything what you wrote.


distraction wallpaper baseball

5. Font style and text size

The font style and size really an important matter for your whole blog. If you set/ use smaller font your readers will feel very overwhelm. On the other hand, bigger font you should also avoid. You can see in my blog’s posts text size and font style. I set my font size at 12px and font style is Arial. It is standard I think. So, be sure that you are using eyes friendly and comfortable font size and styles for your readers. Consider font size 12px (minimum) and 14px (maximum) is probably better.


As a blogger if you want visitor to read your contents then don’t make them distract, because they will lose focus and leave your blog instantly. Remember, if you can hold your readers on your blog for long time to read your articles then you are the man. The above points I have discussed to be more conscious of how you should present your blog and contents. Make your main article first viewable and enjoyable. When your readers find that you are presenting and writing awesome they will return for next update and refer your blog to others.

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Happy blogging pals… :-)

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