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12 Free Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Apps

The Android OS based smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3 is still playing a major device in the smartphone world. With some very popular and essential apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, some more apps you need to use for more dazzling of galaxy S3.
For example: Galaxy S3 has a large display and it is very capable to read e-books.

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In this post I have compiled 12 amazing and useful apps to share with you all. Let’s have a look to them.

Samsung Galaxy S3 free apps

1. AirDroid

Airdroid apps allow you to manage and operate your galaxy S3 smartphone from your computer by using data connections of your phone. Right now it is one of the most ingenious apps on Google Play Store.

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2. Jelly Bean Keyboard

Jelly bean keyboard is a free application on the Android market which offers SwiftKey like next word prediction that learns from your messaging styles. It is faster and smarter.

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3. Chrome Web Browser

Who doesn’t know Chrome? It is a smart web browser for all time. You can use this app on your Android and tablet device for surfing on internet. The developer of this app is Google, so you can use this application without any doubt. Search and browse with lots of features.

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4. Google Drive

Google drive is a smart cloud storage point android user. You can store your all types of files at one place directly from your android device and you can access them anytime from anywhere around the world.

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5. Amazon Kindle

As I told above the galaxy S3 has a large screen so you can use your galaxy S3 smartphone as a Kindle. This app has up to one million e-books, magazines and news. Grab this android app to take a bite of taste of Amazon Kindle Fire.

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6. Instagram

Capture your random moments with your Samsung galaxy S3’s 8MP camera and share these images and videos with more than 130 million people via Instagram app.

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7. Run Keeper

Run keeper is a amazing app for tracking your running, walking, biking etc. by using your android based galaxy S3 smartphone. Around more than 21 million people use this app right now. This is also called personal fitness trainer.

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8. Photon Flash Player

When you need a service that requires flash then you can think about Photon Flash Player and Browser. This app can play flash without installing or any downloading. Its browser supports and loads flash games, flash WebPages and flash movies faster than any other browser on your android device.

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9. Alarm Clock Xtream

If you can’t wake up at morning you should use this app on your galaxy S3. You can customize its volume control and snooze as your choice. If you are very sleep mad person then you can active a math problem to turn off your alarm. I am sure then you will get up.

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10. Go SMS Pro

This is a free app for messaging service that replaces the stock native app. Go SMS pro uses little memory but it has tons of features. It is very secure, faster and safer messaging app. With some pro features it allows some free customizable amazing features.

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11. Snapdragon Battery Guru

I have seen a big problem on Android devices is battery life. Snapdragon™ BatteryGuru is an app that helps how to use your other applications and WiFi or data sharing to save your battery life to extend your battery performance.

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12. Floating Toucher

A simple app with some tiny icons set which makes your phone settings together with one click. It is specially designed for Android based OS.

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  1. I installed the Snapdragon Battery Guru app to save my battery life but it got worse so i uninstalled it. It was not really effective.


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