7 Reasons Why SEO Is Compulsory For Online Business

Nowadays online is a biggest source for marketing for a business, products and information. Whatever your niche, if your business based on internet you must need to apply SEO as an important part. SEO is not just for ranking your business website higher but also for making friendly with search engines to bring quality traffic so that your targeted customers readily access your website.
Today I'm going to share some typical factors why search engine optimization is extremely needed part for your online business/ blog/ website if you really want to achieve success.

SEO for Websites

1. Make different yourself

Almost 650+ million websites are available in World Wide Web. There are huge competitors around you and honestly speaking it is really very difficult to stand out. So what’s the solution? The only solution is Good SEO. This will help to present your website to peoples as more creditability and as a strong brand. I have seen some guys who made their website just before 2-3 years ago and now they have pretty well three figure alexa ranking.

2. Traffic source

Only SEO can provide you organic web traffic from various sources. It’s not like as paid traffic. In paid traffic system you have to pay for each visitor to hold the traffic campaign where SEO always provides organic traffic. You do not need to invest lot of money in SEO as like paid marketing. The more important matter is, Google loves SEO and hate paid traffic.

3. SEO doesn’t require huge money

If you think SEO process is very costly then you are wrong. It is totally cost effective method. I think online business marketing should going on online marketing process. If you agree with me, SEO is the first and foremost platform. No doubt, it’s an effective promoting way for your items.

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4. High scale of sales

Paid traffic audience just visits your website without any conversation or purchase. SEO brings targeted customer who really has interest on your products or services or wants to buy. They will have a tendency of converting their conversation into real sales. Smart SEO process will rank your website high and drive quality audience and surely this will increase your overall web and sales conversation ratio tremendously.

Online business success tree

5. Long time results

Other advertisement methods can send you traffic for a limited time where SEO outcome results are approximately permanent. Once you get the top position there are very little chances to drop from that position.

6. Only source of targeted customers

I already published post on why targeted visitors are beneficial. Let me clear that in short. More than 70% peoples use search engines to buy something and if search engines refer your website then you can anticipate you will make sales. Now question is why search engines refer you? Because you have that product they are actually looking for. People trust first search engine results so try to be point your website on first result page. Well! This will also present your website as a good brand.

7. SERP matters

SERP stands for "Search Engine Result Page". Almost 80% visitors don’t visit search results after 02 or 03 pages. Will you do?
Now just think, what will happen if your website stay on first result page? Humm! The 80% to 70% visitors are yours. So, the system is, First SERP position = Huge traffic = Huge sales or revenue.


As having some knowledge about SEO I can say, no one can get success with his/ her online business without the blessing of SEO.
SEO ensures lots of targeted traffic, increase page ranking to point your website on the first result page and stay one step ahead from your competitors. Without any doubt SEO is the vital tool for your internet business.

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