Using Youtube For Advertising Ebooks

Writing your own ebook and sell it globally through internet is one of the great idea to make money from online. Trust me this is truly not an exaggerated thing. Especially most of online workers and affiliate marketers are still earning a well amount of income just by writing their own ebooks and simply selling their ebooks via internet.

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Between all of promoting section, Youtube is one of the best platform way to promote your ebooks. Nowadays YouTube is the leading and awesome platform for video sharing in online world. You can easily upload any kind of videos (as per company policy) for free of charge to drive well traffic to your webpage or blog where you have promoted your ebooks. If you use Youtube for advertising your ebooks I am sure this will helps a lot to promote and to boost your sales rank. I am sharing here some cool tips on how to promote ebooks by using Youtube.

Affiliate sales via youtube

1. Create properly related videos

You have to upload a video ad which is actually relevant with your ebook subject. For an example: If you want to sell ebook about "Blogging for fresher" then you have to be create videos on how to start blogging easily. Give your audience good information and details in video so that will tempt your viewers to learn more from your ebook.

2. Make sure your video length is short

Remember, time is important and valuable thing. So, don't try to waste your viewer’s time and of course your own time also by creating too lengthy videos. I am sure then nobody will watch your promo after watching few seconds. To make it easy, first set an overview and outline before creating a video ad for your ebooks. From my view I would like to recommend to keep your video duration between 2–4 minutes. Then your viewers will keep interest to see your videos.

3. Using rich keywords, description and links

Do not forget to use additional sections of your Youtube videos. Like: Description, Source, Social network links and specially your ebook sales webpage. You can also put a watermark of your blog/ website address on your video. Oh! Also don't forget about applying Keywords. Make sure that you use rich and high searched low completion keyword phrase in your about box. If you do these tricks you will be able to drive traffic on your blog where you sell ebooks. Always try to focus your prime landing page but keep in mind, don’t make it a fish market of URLs. Never force your visitors to buy anything. If they will happy, they will defiantly buy from you. So remember one thing, here quality really a big matter.

4. Make sure your videos are interesting

In your video give a touch of funny and interesting or emotional that attracts your viewers. Never create a video that looks like bore. Always try to mix your sense of professionalism and creativeness into your video. If you can’t handle, you can hire a professional video editor in order to create a quality, unique and heart touching video presentation. After that simply upload it on your Youtube account. When you will be getting views and ratings on your video, your reputation will be increasing dramatically.

5. Pre-selling product or service

Never put your items directly in your video advertisement. It is true that in general most people don't like to watch advertisement. In contrast, pre-sell your audience about your ebook. Simply let your viewers know that your ebook can give them further information, tips and tutorials and more top class secret techniques on this subject.

That’s all. I have try to point out basic elements. If you have any necessary updates then please suggest us to add them. Your little efforts can serve ShineMat’s readers more. Stay well friends.

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