How To Automatically Share Blog Posts On Google+

Finally Google Plus launched automatic sharing your blog post as soon as you publish them on your blog without any additional clicks or any manual way. Well! Personally I really like this feature. Because, prior this I was also doing manually sharing to share my blog posts on Google Plus. Now this will really helps to save some little time of mine. I have seen many publishers do not share their online content just because of manually sharing problem. But now keeping this view, Google Plus has enabled a new feature to blogger to share automatically their blog post.

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Blogger Google Plus Bonding

How to enable automatic G+ sharing on blogger blog?

The whole process is really very simple. If you still have old blogger profile then I think its time to migrate your blogger profile to Google Plus profile. To start switching profile simply visit the following link. (all existing profile data will be remain same)

Start Profile Switching Process

After switching, you will see your blogger profile converted into Google Plus profile. If you want you can edit your G+ profile to add some more additional data of yours. Now when your readers want to see your blogger profile they will automatically redirect to your new Google Plus profile. Is all clear?

Now come to the point of auto sharing. Google has already enabled auto sharing option to all existing Google+ profiles or pages who linked their G+ profile or page with their public blogger blogs. If your auto sharing does not work still now then do as I mentioned at below.

1. Log into your blogger blog.

2. Click on your blog title.

3. Click Google+ menu from right sidebar.

4. Select where you want to share your posts. (G+ profile or Page)

5. Click Automatically share after posting check box.

Auto Share Blog Post On G+

That’s all.
If this feature already applied and you still want back previous manually sharing system simply uncheck "Automatically share after posting" and tick "Prompt to share after posting" check box. This helps when you want to share some specific posts.

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I have tried to explain the whole process as easy as mouse click. settings gear icon
Have you applied this on your blog? Please leave your opinions or any correction process at below. Have a nice day mate. Allah Hafez.

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