How To Promote Your Blog On YouTube?

Video marketing is one the superb source to get targeted readers of your blog niche. It’s also a great platform to make up yourself as a professional online marketers. Nowadays every company use video ads or TVC to promote their products or services and trust me it holds peoples mind more than traditional advertising system.
YouTube is the most popular and number one video sharing website in the world. Many online marketers use this amazing website regularly for advertise their business.
Are you using this marketing source for your online business? If still not, start now!!!

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Youtube video marketing

Here I am showing some tips to increase your blog's ad impressions and get traffic from YouTube.

1. Upload Related Niche or Popular Videos

Always try to upload those types of videos which actually match with your blog content. If your blog niche is technology and you are uploading hindi songs then you will never get targeted audience. If you are unable to find related videos try to upload most popular videos on your account. Here take care about copyright roles. You can also upload your own recorded video clips. This will be definitely unique contents.

2. Leave Your Blog Link on Description

It’s the way you can promote your blog link. Only users can add some links in a video’s description box. This will drive your traffic from YouTube channel. The system is as following:

■ More Upload = More Links = More Views = More Traffic.

link on youtube description

You can also attach your blog name in your video title within bracket.
Example: Your Main Video Title (your blog name).mp4

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3. Comment on Most Viewed Videos

Find most popular/ viewed and commented videos and leave a quality comment. Other users will visit your YouTube channel by seeing your appreciate comments.

Youtube video comments

4. Video Watermarking

Beside description link you can also create a watermark in your own videos and then if someone steal your content they can’t erase your watermark from your videos. Wherever he use this video your blog link as a watermark will show. Download Aoao Video Watermark Pro for free from here. (see download link on video description)
See how looks a watermark...

video watermark to protect copying

5. Respect Copyright

It’s a big factor on YouTube. There are huge videos that has copyright license and protected under law. For that reason you will be restricted in order to use those videos. If you break their copyright attention you may be ban from YouTube. So, be careful while selecting your video clips.

6. Frequently Update

A like your post update on daily basis you should also upload videos on your YouTube account continuously. This will bring up traffic to your blog. Keep concentrate on your video's Title, Keywords, Tags and additional information on description box.

Well! These tips are basic things, you can setup some additional settings from your profile page such as: Full name, account banner, website adding, social account adding and many more. If you can apply such these techniques I can say without any doubt you will be getting traffic flood from YouTube.

Please do let us know at below, are you going to start your YouTube marketing campaign?


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