Planning Between Paid Traffic And Free Traffic

When you enter in online world to do your business you need to achieve huge traffic to make sales to earn profit. In order to get your quality traffic you have to be careful how your traffic should come. In general there are two types of traffic generating option.

  1. Paid Traffic.
  2. Free Traffic.

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Lets discuss the pros and cons of Paid and Free traffic strategy.

Paid Traffic

You will get Paid traffic results quickly. For paid traffic plan you have to buy traffic from traffic exchange sites, PPC or traffic provider. These includes with banner ads, text ads, exchanging links and many more. You'll need to signup and create a traffic advertising campaign for your site. The traffic sender company will review your website and when you will get approved you will be receiving traffic as your selected geo location/ interest or timing based.

Paid traffic system is the best way whenever you need some traffic to test on your specific landing page. You do not need to wait for long time before you discover whether you offer the converts actually glowing or not. Buy 400 to 500 clicks from PPC advertising network. This will give you enough traffic data to inspect and do required work. If you want to check or collect some feedback you can buy traffic for your contact form page.

The negative aspect of Paid traffic system is anyone can easily participate to competition with you. If you start your specified keywords just bidding through $0.05 at first stage you may see your paid traffic campaign is enough profitable. But, a few months later your online business competitors will force you by bidding higher price for your desired keywords. This virtual business struggle may be continue until the CPC (cost per click) become higher for your traffic campaigns to be staying your business profitable.

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Free Traffic

To be staying alive your online business from strong and growing competitions make sure you have some best alternative quality traffic sources. It’s called free traffic. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a best option to drive long term targeted quality traffic for free from major search engines. Here you must have basic knowledge about SEO and keyword researching. If you can't effort you can hire a professional SEO expert to optimize your site to drive traffic. Google and other all search engines love SEO instead of Paid traffic. As a SEO expert I can clearly say you there is no best option except SEO to get targeted quality traffic. This will also rank up your site higher and higher on search engines and whole web world.

SEO based free traffic system will increase your sales scale or revenue from ads. Because SEO based on keywords and whenever a customer searches your keywords on search engines which you have used your site will come on first page. Staying at first page means lots of traffic. This traffic is your targeted traffic. Because you have those products or services that your visitors are searching for to buy or have an interest to read information.

The cons of SEO are, it is a slow process to take effects (sometimes 3 - 4 months). In general there a two types of SEO available.

1) White Hat SEO
2) Black Hat SEO

Always try and apply White Hat SEO techniques for your site. You can get quick results from black hat seo formulas but it is not beneficial and most importantly when Google catch you that you are using black hat seo they will penalty you by throwing your website at black/ reject list.

By continuously applying good seo techniques your site will rank up higher on search engines eyes. You will receive huge and huge visitors.
And again More Visitors Means More Profit.

These both above traffic sources are good for your website in their own position. Now it’s your turn to choose which traffic source you would like to select? Say your comment at below.

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