50+ Advertising Ways To Promote Your Business

It’s the time for marketing competition. Without advertising nowadays nothing can get popular and espouse. Quality advertising can increase your sales margin, traffic flow to your business and continuously remembering about your business existence. Advertising is a project that has no loose at all. A good and reputed company even a very little shop always try to budget a good figure amount to advertise their product or services.

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There are numerous advertising ways available at online and offline. In this post you can get more than fifty easy and cost efficient advertising ideas that helps to promote your business effectively at online and offline both.

Cool advertising ideas

Advertising Ways To Promote Online Or General Business

1. Television advertising. It helps to promote your business at huge audience at once.

2. FM Radio advertising.

3. Newspaper ads with attractive dialog and graphics.

4. Often offer some discounts and prizes at product buy.

5. Select related niche popular local and national magazines and advertise on it.

6. Create an email marketing campaign.

7. Use Facebook page and other major social networking platform.

8. Almost every people use cellphone. You can advertise your online business via bulk SMS.

9. Rent or hire billboard where people gather.

10. Distribute occasional events wishes. Such as: Eid day, Valentines day, Christmas day etc.

11. Provide business card of your employers. Whenever they give their contact info to others it will present your business name.

12. Contract with a transport company to advertise your business in their vehicle.

13. Distribute your business calendars, sticker, bags, caps cartoons etc.

14. Sponsor in a seminar or events in your related niche and make your business name as a brand.

15. Make a blog of your business and update every time with latest contents, offers, products or services, events, news, discount coupons or any other notice.

16. Use twitter to promote your online business.

17. Make list of your most valuable customers and send them a gift as being as a best customer. They will refer others to you.

18. People love Free things. Offer a free thing on purchasing.

19. Participate on local and international business fair.

20. You must have a professional business website and hire a SEO expert to promote your business worldwide.

21. Start video marketing campaign on YouTube, Dailymotion etc.

22. Give your retailers some gifts. Such as: your printed business pad, pens T-shirts.

23. Give your own printed wrapping or boxes whenever customers make a single purchase.

24. Provide your own and same uniform and ID card to your all staffs.

25. Tell your friends and family for oral advertising.


26. Search engine advertising. It should be similar or related with your niche keywords.

27. Online advertising. You can use Google Adwords, Bing network and many more to advertise your business on internet.

28. Use premium Facebook ads campaign.

29. Lots of people use PTC site. You can get benefit from these sites.

30. On special day decorate your business with a new look.

31. Sponsor to a music album with your business logo on cover photo.

32. Write down your business name on building walls.

33. Use Google Plus Page Service to advertise your online business.

34. Put your business name as your email signature.

35. Get positive articles and reviews about your business, products or your services.

36. Get your business website listed on web directories.

37. Rent advertising space on popular games if it relate with our business.

38. Buy ad space on popular smartphone apps.

39. Open a LinkedIn and StumbleUpon company page and build network.

40. Always provide easy to reach and good customer service after sales.

41. Try to join and sponsor college and university programs such as: Festival for new students, Farewell, Science fair etc.

42. Exchange your online business banner with bloggers.

43. Post your business details on Wikipedia page.

44. Tell your customer to give rating on your product and select this product as your featured product on month end.

45. Use yahoo answers site and answer the questions with your business URL as source link.

46. Often send out your business newsletter. But, don’t spam!

47. Create a lense of your business on Squidoo.

48. Upload your business presentation on SlideShare. Make sure it contains your business logo and name.

49. Sponsor to a movie/ tele-film/ drama for your business watermark.

50. Give general sayings stickers to peoples. Such as:
“Smoking is bad for health”
“Please drive slowly” and many more. Make sure it contains your business name as sponsor.

51. Donate to a non-profit group, social community, charity or Red Crescent organization.

These are top ideas for advertising your business. All ad sectors are not required for you. You should pick up and use advertising ways which match you best.
At last I am waiting to hear your favorite ways to promote your business from above ways. Also suggest us if you have any smart ideas in marketing sector.
Have a nice advertising.


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