How To Verify Domain And Get Backlink From Pinterest?

Pinterest is a faster growing and popular social media site who actually loves images. It is also a high pagerank and quality traffic generating site. If you are a blogger or a webmaster here is a good news waiting for you. It’s a DoFollow backlink. It’s a totally different plus point than other major social networks. They assign a nofollow tag in external links where Pinterest allows its users a quality dofollow backlink. But to get this backlink you must verify your domain authority.

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How to get backlink from pinterest

Now lets move forward and see how to get a free dofollow backlink from Pinterest.

1. Login to your Pinterest account with your ID and password.
If you still not registered click here to get a free account. You can also use Facebook for quick signup.

2. After login click on your name from upper right side and select Settings.

Dofollow backlink from pinterest

3. From your account settings page click Edit Profile link.

get free backlink from pinterest

4. A popup window will arise. Here you can customize your personal profile details. Now go to below at website section and type your blog URL with http://

5. Now click Verify Website link.

A free dofollow backlink

6. A popup window will appear. Look, there are two verification processes available:
     (a) Download and upload it on your root directory of your domain hosting. (Recommended for website owner)
     (b) Paste a simple meta tag in your template just below at <head> tag. (For blogger blog users) I choose this one.

Simply choose what suits you best. To switch verification process just click verification method link.

free high PR dofollow backlink

7. After adding verification code click Complete Verification button.

8. Go to your profile and see your link with a verification sign.

saimoom on pinterest

That’s all you need to do. I hope no problem will arise to you. If you have any question or precious comment please feel free to leave your voice at below.
Have a nice a pals!

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