Tips To Improve Your Blog's Feed And Subscriber Numbers

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Try to recommend your RSS Feed through your readers:

Everyone know that how great testimonials performance work with getting readers to take effective action, but what will work, I think even better is a recommendation from someone they already know and have confidence. Yes! It’s right, if you will get your close relatives or friends for suggesting your blog's RSS feed to other people and subscribers your blog’s feed they already know, you can simply control that and get a fast and advance response being that your blog readers already share a friendly bonding. I am sure if your readers, friends and family support you to increase subscribers, you do not need to worry a lot and your work effort for this purpose will decrease.

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Give some cool offers to your subscribers for free:

To increase your blog’s subscriber number you can offer some gifts or premium contents for free. Everyone likes quality free things. Ha ha ha. Isn’t it? If you do this, your readers will subscribe your blog via rss or email. Then you can send your offer to their email. It’s really a workable way if you frequently offer some exclusive things to your subscribers only.

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Pull down your existing subscribers:

If you run several blogs from your living room, you can bring your existing readers from your parent blog to other one. Your parent blog’s subscribers will subscribe your sister blogs with a simile when you mention that you are running some more blogs with valuable information. This is called cross promotion and with this great way you can build a new subscriber list from your already established blog. Here remember one thing, don’t compromise to provide quality contents.

Tips to get email subscribers

Make sure your subscription way is easy:

People will not subscribe your contents if you setup a critical form or way. Use only name and email option to subscribe. For email registration it is necessary to offer confirmation link to active their subscription. Never ask to give too many details to subscribe your blog.
For example, see below form and use this to get register for free.

Enter your email address to subscribe:

Leverage your already existing Audience:

If you are a freelancer or a serious blogger and you have already made a project with web traffic, I suggest you to take this advantage to make up your subscribers list for your blog. Each and every quality readers are your plus point. So, focus and research your highlighted audience and make them subscribe to your blog. This would be from your traffic of a project; social media linked peoples or from your other established network.

Add a beautiful subscriber form:

Who doesn’t like beautiful design? Add a gorgeous well designed sign up form in your blog. You can setup this form in various places. (i.e. in sidebar, between post body, as pop-up window, in your about page etc.) Simply make your form highly visible on your blog pages.


Make sure you have not broken links or any error page in your feed. Your subscribers are more important than your general readers. So, give extra attention to them. Always check and analyze your subscribers’ activities and numbers. Try to serve your feed readers as smoothly as possible. If you are an owner of a blog it’s a very serious factor for your blog.

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