How To Submit A Blog To 2500+ Places At Once To Get Indexed Faster?

Prior time we have shared how to index a new blog quickly in Google by submitting blog URL on 50+ various types of websites. Getting crawl and index is not very hard because search engine spiders are very smart than before and they will index your new blog automatically within 10-15 days. But sometimes it is very important to get indexed a new website or new information in search engines within just few hours or minutes.
Well in this post we will share how to create page and pinged a new blog or website to over 2500 websites at once as free backlink. Most sites are related with “web stats” “” “about sites” and “statistics” etc. This is more than 50 times bigger URL list than our previously published list.

So, let’s submit your blog address to 2500+ websites with just few clicks.

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1. Go to

2. Enter your blog/ website’s homepage address to URL box.

3. Enter your primary keywords separated by comma.
This is optional, if you wish you can leave it empty.

4. Click on drop down button and select the maximum limit. (i.e: 2500)

5. Finally click Submit button.

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Note: Submitting to 2500+ websites is not few seconds process.
So, Don't lose your patience.
Don’t close your web browser and
Don’t disconnect your internet connection.
This will take at least 30 minutes, so you have to wait until the whole process complete. For me, it took around 40 minutes.
You can watch a movie until it finished. Ha Ha Ha.

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Remember, never purchase backlinks by seeing attractive ads such as: "backlink buy" "backlink booster" "get high PR dofollow backlinks"
Now, let us know about this submitting technique and if you know any other interesting submitting processes then share with us. We are waiting to see your comments.

Have fun friends. Allah Hafez.

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