Easy Way To Break The BIOS Password

Nowadays security concern is a big issue. For this reason we always try to secure our almost every tech devices like Smartphone, Tablets, Computer.
As you know along with windows user account password there is an extra layer of security available in motherboard's BIOS system. So, have you ever been forgotten your BIOS password? Honestly speaking, when you will face that kind of problem the brain doesn’t work what to do. Because, without the BIOS password you can not open your computer even you can’t reinstall your operating system.

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Hey! Don’t worry. There is always a way to get rid of any problem. Actually there are several ways to bypass/ crack or reset the BIOS password and here we are showing one most used method that really works.

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restore motherboard password

Lets see, How to reset BIOS password if you forget?

1. First remove all electricity connections from your computer.

2. Open your CPU case.

3. Look at your motherboard carefully, you will observe a battery installed on your motherboard. The battery should like a coin. This battery also known as CMOS battery.
CMOS stands for “Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor”

4. Now carefully remove this CMOS battery. Again, be careful, there is a lock in the battery frame.

break my motherboard bios password

5. After removing the battery, wait at least 10 to 12 hours.

6. After 10-12 hours insert the battery again. Plug in the electric connections and restart your computer. You will see no message for BIOS password.

Optional Note: If possible, change the CMOS battery after every four years. You will find this battery in your nearest computer retailer or any watch shop.


That’s all friends. If you have any other methods please share with us. We will add your methods also. After all, you all are the life of this blog. Peace and blessings pals. Allah Hafez.

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