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Top Ten Free Android Applications


App Manager is free and it is Tools and Utility based. This application developer name is “zx128”. App Manager supports with Android 1.5 or later versions. App Manager puts several key file management features at your fingertips: It serves as an application backup tool, and it can either selectively copy individual applications or copy every application that’s on your phone to your microSD card. In addition, it displays valuable information about installed apps, including each application’s version number, installation date, and protection status, and both the total and the free storage space remaining on the phone and on the microSD card. Application Manager lets you sort the list of applications by name, by size, or by application installation date. ln AppManager’s main window, accompanying the icon and name of each installed app, are its version number, its installed size, and its date of installation. AppManager’s greatest strength is its backup feature. You can choose to back up only the new applications, or everything. This versatility helps if you are not sure whether a new feature in an application’s upgrade is going to cause a problem. Back up the existing application before you upgrade, and then revert to the older version if you do not like what you find.
Astrid Task / To-do list

Astrid Task is free and it is a Productivity application. Task supports with Android 1.5 or later versions. Astrid Task is a useful tool designed to Synchronize not only with your calendar but also with the popular online task manager Remember the Milk, Astrid Task organizes your to do list by prioritized colored tabs and lets you check off items once they are finished. When you open Astrid, you immediately encounter an entry field for introducing tasks. Once you have added, tasks appear in a list that is organized by the date and time you set for them to be completed. Astrid offers quite a few options for each task entry. You can set the importance of the assignment, add any necessary tags, estimate how long it will take to complete the job, and attach notes to the new task.
The organization was reasonably intuitive; in use, we found it best to complete all editing on a task first and then press the Save button (pressing Save always takes you back to the original task list, not back to the previous editing screen).
Though we did End some minor flaws in Astrid Task, this application provides a wide enough array of options that even procrastinators can get things done.

Google Sky Maps

Google Sky Map developed and designed by the most popular search engine “Google” and its price is free, supports with Android 1.5 or later. Google Sky Map’s category is Reference. A virtual planetarium at your fingertips, Google Sky Maps may be the coolest application in the entire Android Market.
Using both GPS and your Android phone’s internal accelerometer and compass, Sky Maps determines the position in which you are holding the phone and then displays a live map of the planets, stars, and constellations on the phone’s screen.
Simply hold the phone as if you were taking a picture of the sky, and Sky Maps will display the portion of the sky directly behind the phone on the screen.
Can not figure out the name of a particular constellation? Point the back of the phone toward that part of the sky, and Sky Maps will identify it for you. If you’ve ever gazed up at a bright celestial body and wondered, “Is that a star or a planet?” Sky Maps will clear up your confusion as easily as if you were carrying a little stellar cartography department in your pocket, the application does get confused occasionally when it can’t determine whether the phone is being oriented horizontally or vertically (such as when you point it straight up at the zenith of the sky).

Google Voice
saimoom-shinemarkGoogle Voice also an application under “Google” Company, price is totally free, this application level is Communication. It also supports Android 1.5 or later latest versions. Google Voice for Android is the mobile phone interface for a free Google service that merges voice telephony into Google’s near instantaneous information delivery system.
With the Android application in place, you can use Google Voice to make phone calls or send SMS messages via your Google Voice phone number. Google Voice has lots of nifty features that a typical phone service doesn’t. For instance, if you receive a call to your Google Voice number on your handset, you can opt to send the call to voice-mail and then listen to the message as it is being recorded in almost real time.
When the caller finishes the voice-mail message, the service sends both a transcript containing the text of that message and an audio file to the Google Voice application.
Messages you save on your Android phone can’t survive a factory reset, but they remain available on the Web based service. It’s a drawback, but a small price to pay for free U.S. phone calls. application’s developer name is ”” section is Music; price is free, supports with Android 1.5 or later versions. Music geeks and Android lovers, unite! is an across-the-board great application and it comes filled with pleasant surprises to boot. For example, during our testing of the application, when played a Sonic Youth song, a banner superimposed on the upper right corner of the album artwork declared, On Tour. "The On Tour button leads to an artist bio, a similar artist tab, tags, fans, and events. The events information displays all nearby shows where the artist is playing, along with relevant dates and venues. also supports background streaming, so you can continuously listen while you use other features of your phone. It lacks a pause button, but that’s the only shortcoming I found.

Meebo IM

Application name is Meebo IM, developer “Meebo”, compatibility: Android 1.5 or later versions and don’t worry about price it’s free. It’s a communication based application. As a Web based tool, Meebo IM gives you the flexibility that client based tools like Android’s own IM application can’t.
The Meebo Android application lets you add a subset of your IM accounts including AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, and Yahoo Messenger. The Web based Meebo, however, support 54 different instant messaging services and social networks (at last count). If you a want to use more accounts, you will have to log in to Meebo through a regular Web browser on a computer and add your other IM accounts from there. Then, the next time you log in to the Meebo Android application, all of your accounts and friend lists will appear in the mobile application.
Faced with spotty network coverage, you may find that your IM accounts constantly lose connection and log you out. But if you need to stay in touch over IM, Meebo is among the best of the Android IM clients, free or paid that you can use.

My Maps Editor

This application created by “Google”, price is free, supports with Android 1.5 or later versions. Category is Travel. Application Location based applications have been booming lately, and Google’s My Maps Editor is one of the best. A free application that allows users to create and share personalized maps, My Maps Editor is intuitive, smooth and useful.
When we used the application to create a map for a fictitious pub crawl through San Francisco, My Maps Editor made it easy to add markers at the starting point, draw lines between locations, and add details for each marker.
The only trouble we encountered was in trying to add a photo to a marker none of the ones we tried would load. Other aspects of this application make it indispensable, however. For one, it synchronizes automatically with Google Maps, which makes taking your desktop maps along with you very easy.

Splash ID

Splash ID is an application which is developed by “Splash Data”. Price is only $10. Its category is Tools and Utilities. Splash ID also supports with Android 1.5 or later versions. Splash ID acts as a universal, secure data storage utility for Web user accounts and passwords, frequent flyer programs, birthdays, Email accounts, and myriad other data types. You can create accounts and then group them together under categories with names like “Serial Numbers” or "Web Logins” and further classify them into Business, Personal, or Unfilled subcategories.
We did have a gripe with regard to its synchronization. Wireless synchronizing with a computer is not an entirely automatic process, and it requires you to know the IP address of your desktop or laptop. But that’s a minor technical hurdle; it should not cause most users to stumble.

Sports Tap

It’s an Entertainment level application. Price is free; developer is “Mobile1Sports.” Compatibility with Android 1.5 or later versions. A solid combination of slick graphics and snappy functionality distinguishes Sports Tap as a sports fanatic’s mobile companion. Once downloaded, it provides frequent score and results updates for major sports, all within an interface that is fairly easy to navigate.
The main screen provides icons for prominent sports leagues as well as shortcuts to leading college and international professional sports. In addition to installing the Android application itself, you can embed a Sports Tap widget for scrolling through scores and schedules from your phone’s desktop.
You can choose favorite teams, and selection promotes them to the top of your screen when you view a list of scores. If you are on the road, selecting Local Tap will take advantage of your phone’s network and/or GPS locator capabilities to list scores and schedules of sporting events within 50, 100 or 200 miles of your location. I found that most of the functions and settings in Sports Tap work just fine, but some smaller text only links may be hard to poke if you have large fingers.

Tweetcaster Beta

A social networking application, developer “Handmark” price is free, supports with Android 1.5 or later versions. How many Twitter applications do you actually need to have? The answer: One Tweetcaster Beta. This application does everything that a Twitter user could want, and its interface is both intuitive and easy on the eyes. Once you are signed in and ready to go, Tweetcaster will take you to your home page, with tabs along the top for the feed, inbox, @ replies, favorites, and lists. Above the tabs is an arrow that you can use to change the view between Twitter accounts or to view Trends or nearby tweets.
When you post a new Tweet, you can geotag it, shrink a URL, add a picture, or include a username. Tapping on any user pulls up the person’s bio, Followers / Following / Favorites numbers, tweets in a feed, messages, favorites, and lists. Tapping on someone else’s tweet gives you several options. You can open the URL, post an @ reply, mark it as a favorite, or retweet.

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