Why Search Engine Optimization Is Essential For Your Blog

The significant area of a blog site is making everything effortless both for search engine robots and visitors through good search engine optimization. SEO process helps search engines to understand and determine about a blog’s each pages and how it may be useful for a visitor. SEO is quite important to alive your business online.

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What happened if a tree falls down in a large forest? If there is no sound or no one is around; it may not exist in any way. Right? This is the perfect explanation of SEO. It is totally valueless if there are no marketing, link building, social sharing and other friendly recommended search optimization methods. Remember search engines will never mark and rank your blog contents without seo processes. Robots will just ignore your blog and thus you will get penalize to receive organic traffic.

Why SEO is Compulsory

SEO is not just only making a blog search engine friendly, it’s also about continuous marketing and updating. Search engine marketing is also the most important concept to hold some roles of search engines. You have a great designed blog with quality contents but unless of quality search engine optimization your blog contents will remain invisible to worldwide readers. Because of recent search engine algorithm you have to apply seo techniques to serve your readers relevant and proper results on the search engines.

Along with SEO make sure you have a lot of articles in your blog. When Google will find most information on your blog you will get an authority and reward generously. The biggest informative website is Wikipedia and you can see their articles are not full of keywords and maintaining the system of keyword density. All you need to do publish several posts daily to get a better place on search engines results page.

Importance of SEO

Since beginning of SEO strategy, it is continuously changing. It’s true that SEO future is uncertain because of changing it’s tactics frequently .
Such as: In 1990, experts were focused on keyword tags and stuffing, meta keywords, submitting links manually etc.
In the 2004 experts were focused on anchor text, paid backlinks, link creation etc.
And in 2012, experts were focused on social media marketing, online advertisement, continuous web content updates, text ads, keyword placement (use adwords keyword tool to research keywords) and making everything friendly for user. So, it means with the time of seo formula changing you must run with to get rich web traffic and increase visibility.

Nowadays most important part of SEO is natural link building, content updates and social sharing. You might wonder to hear that up to 68% search engine optimization seo services only prefer to link building. I don’t say natural link building is bad, but without quality contents? No, No, No. Peoples will come your blog through a search keyword and after landing on your blog he/ she will find nothing or bad contents in your blog. I can guarantee you those user never come to your blog again. So, first focus on quality articles and then SEO.
Remember, Content updating is not SEO, but it’s an important part of SEO.

If you have any interesting seo tutorial or seo analytics then tell your views using comment form below.. Have a nice day pals. Allah Hafez!!!


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