Top 15 Jobs In USA That Pays Highest Money

Do you know who deposit the biggest salary in the bank accounts? In the world has some extra ordinary jobs sector that pays a lot of salary. Do you want to know what are those professions? If you want to build up your career in jobs market then you can try one of them.

Here I am sharing high paying various types of jobs in US that pays a lot of salary.

various types of jobs

01. Professional in Medical: Medical professionals and the surgeons are the top salary earning peoples. Their annual salary in average around $250,000. This value makes this job highest paid and top jobs and in US market.

02. Chief Executive Officers (CEO): A great CEO can dazzle a company with success lights. They are in-charge officers in a company and responsible for business strategies and different areas in a company. Their annual salary within $168,000.

03. The Psychiatrists: Well they are also doctors but they earn less than a medial professional who are especially expert inside the operation room. Psychiatrists are expert on mental disorders and psychiatric related illness. Their average annual earning is $164,000.

04. Dental Doctors: In USA, a dental doctor must be study at least eight years and I think for this longest training time this could be the reasons for pointing this job in high paid category. A dentist can earn annually average $157,000.

05. Lawyers: After seven years of studying and practicing you can be a lawyer in US. A lawyer can be a judge, a good politician or maybe the next US president. A lawyer’s annual earning approximately $130,000.

06. Natural Scientists: It is the 6th highest paying job in US. From the research desk to development position a natural science officer can earn annually up to $128,000.

07. Multi Engineering: Engineers may expert on various subjects or elements. They are responsible and manage almost all technical or mechanical issues in a company and they are earning approximately annually around 123,000 USD.

multi engineering jobs demand

08. I.S. Managers: The 8th position is for information system managers. It’s a subject that mainly focus on IT sectors. I.S. managers are the in-charge of information technology and overall information database. Their salary in annually estimated $122,500.

09. Marketing Executive: Those who are directly engage with product and service promoting in online or direct marketplace is called in-charge of marketing managers. In USA market their salary is near $121,000 annually.

10. Expert on Petroleum: Petroleum means gas, oil, petrol related productions and petroleum engineers manage and advice how to develop petroleum related business or products. Their approximately yearly income is $119,500.

Well the above jobs are the top 10 highest paying jobs in USA and the following 5 jobs are positioned at 11 - 15 serial.

11. Airbus engineers.

12. Corporate financial mangers.

13. Treasurers.

14. Sales representative officers.

15. Physicists experts.


Although these are not any government various types of jobs but really honorable private jobs. So, are you living in US or Canada? If yes, then what type of profession would you like to take as your career? Research and understand which one can lead your life in the pool of happiness. For more information do search your prefer job centre online. Your comments are always appreciated to us.
Allah Hafez and stay healthy.


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