How To Synchronize iPhone Calendar To Yahoo Calendar?

Do you have a latest iPhone? If yes than I am sure you use its calendar app. Well! it’s so common to use mobile calendar. But when you want to see or backup your important iPhone calendar events in your online calendar and view from your computer how you will do that?
In this post we will share how to copy iPhone calendar to Yahoo calendar.
By synchronizing, one backup copy of your iPhone calendar will be created to your Yahoo calendar account. Don’t worry! After synchronizing, if you change anything or add a new event in your iPhone calendar the settings will automatically change/ add in your yahoo calendar too.

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iphone calender to yahoo calender

Let’s see the processes…

1. Go to your iPhone Settings.

2. Then Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3. Press Add Account button.

4. Now press Yahoo and log in to your yahoo account.
(If you have already existed an account, just click on it.)

5. And then, type your full name, yahoo ID, password and other necessary things in its proper fields.

6. Hit Next button.

7. Make sure your calendar option is On mode.

8. Press Save button.

9. Select Fetch New Data option to Push.

10. iPhone and your yahoo calendar will start the synchronizing.

NOTE: This method will not work in below iOS version 6. (iOS 6, NOT iphone 6)

That’s all buddy. I hope, almost everything is clear to you.
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