How Does Google Analyze A Blog’s Loading Time?

Google is now smarter than past time. While ranking a website, Google calculate some major factors including the site’s loading time on browser. For example, see Google homepage.
The reasons of considering loading time in ranking are:

1. People will leave your site if it takes long loading time.

2. You will get small amount of pageviews.

3. Your overall SEO ranking will never increase.

4. Adwords users will get very poor score in advertising.

5. Your site’s bounce rate will be increasing tremendously.

6. If your site is slow you will not get returning visitors on your site even if your provide quality contents.

Now let’s see how Google identify the page load time of a blog or website.

Google calculation for blog load time


First Google checks how much time a website takes to load in general basis. This checking process is done from United States only and they use high speed internet connection to test. This connection is likely faster than your connected speed. After that testing, if your page seems slow to load then Google understand that your website/ blog takes too much time to load or your web host servers taking long time to response.


Google Webmaster Tools is a smarter feature to provide your site performance including your page load time also. GWT also offers what percentage of blog/ websites are slower than your blog and how you can improve your pages for fast load.
You can also check by using online tools such as: But you will not get hardcore features like Google webmaster tools.

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Google’s search engine spiders are crawling billions of webpages within one second. When they find you have done tasks suggested by site performance tool from GWT they will understand your current blog load time. So, remove any unnecessary files, big flash videos, graphics and clean up your web codes such as: HTML, CSS and JavaScripts. Use small files and images.


Along with Google Webmaster Tools many other websites offer free or premium site tracking features like Once you have installed it on your blog site you can calculate your each page load time including some more spice features. That means you will get more detailed report and if you find anything unnatural, simply solve them.

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I think, using Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are the two best options to analyze your overall site performance. Although, along with other factors, Google is now ranking websites/ blogs according to page load time also, so press your accelerator to optimize your site for faster load.

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