20+ Tips To Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer

Nowadays almost every person use mobile phone and now it’s not bound in just for calling or sending text messages. We moreover use it to listen songs, browsing internet, playing games, video calling, and also do some daily essential tasks.
To do these random tasks we need a powerful battery in our mobile phone. You might know the mobile phone’s battery is Lithium Ion or Nickel type batteries. If you apply some tricks on your phone the power stays longer more than general time.

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increase mobile battery performance

1. Active offline or flight mode when you find weak network or no signal. Because, in that situation your mobile will continuously search for good network connection.

2. Turn off your mobile while you are praying, sleeping or in a business meeting.

3. Don’t use the vibration mode unless you need it mostly.

4. Full charge is always good. But, keep connecting your charger after full charge is harmful for your battery.

5. Never discharge your battery fully.

6. Keep off your display back-light.

7. Avoid long time talking on your phone. It is harmful both for your brain and phone.

8. Turn your Bluetooth power off when you don’t use it.

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9. Check your hidden applications and close them. Such as: software updates.

10. Don’t power on your WiFi, GPRS, GPS, EDGE service except when you need them.

11. Keep your display brightness as lowest as possible.

12. Avoid animated wallpaper and screensaver. If possible use solid black wallpaper.

13. Select your network type Dual or 3G to GSM mode. GSM mode use less battery power.

14. Use correct charger to charge your battery.

15. If you initialized a new battery, charge it 5-7 hours for Lithium ion batteries and 15-17 hours for Nickel typed batteries.

16. Try to keep your battery cool. Avoid long time using, keep distance your mobile from high temperature and direct sunlight.

17. Close your applications after using. Don’t run them in your background. Such as: Skype, Nimbuzz, eBuddy and any chatting or community apps.

18. Keep your battery connectors clean.

19. Don’t restart your mobile frequently, even for continuous Sim card changing. Use one Sim card in one mobile.

20. Don’t run any heavy download on your mobile even not in background mode. It will drain your battery effectively.

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21. Don’t play games on your mobile for long time. It is harmful for your entire device.

Do you find this tips helpful? Please leave your worthy comments below. Stay tuned for more resources. Peace and blessings friends. Allah Hafez.

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