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2 Ways To Full Discharge Your Laptop Battery

Fully discharging your laptop battery will surely increase your battery performance. Windows never empty your battery because when the program finds your battery charge are going down and can’t hold the power on then automatically it goes to sleep or hibernate mode. Sometimes it is necessary to empty your laptop battery.
Here you will find two ways for discharging your laptop battery fully to increase your battery performance.

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how to empty a laptop battery

A. Power Option Settings

1. First plug out your laptop charger from power.

2. Disable your hibernate power option. (Learn how to disable hibernate option)

3. Click Start button and go to your Control Panel.

4. Select System and securityPower Options.

5. Select Change Plan Settings beside from your current using power plan.

Discharge laptop battery

6. Now select Never from every options of On battery.

emapty laptop battery charge

7. Click Save Changes.

Note: Don’t shut down your laptop, just wait until it turn off automatically.

B. BIOS Screen

1. Restart your laptop.

2. Press Del or F2 button while your PC starting.

3. The BIOS screen will appear.

4. Plug out your laptop from power source.

5. Leave your laptop on that condition until the power off.

That’s all you need to do to fully discharge your laptop battery. If you have any problem please do let me know.
Peace and blessing buddies. Allah Hafez.
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