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How To Create Shutdown Shortcut To Turn Off PC At A Certain Time?

As you know windows have a shutdown option in the start menu to turn off your computer. You can make this task a lot easier by creating a shutdown shortcut function on your desktop. With this you can turn off your computer instantly or after a certain seconds with just a mouse click.

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You will be shown at here Two ways how to create a shutdown shortcut option in your desktop.

Method 01
Method 02

create shutdown shortcut option

Method: 01

1. Open your Notepad and type the following command.

c:\windows\system32\shutdown -s -f -t 05

2. Click File option and click Save As.

create shutdown shortcut option

3. Now select Desktop, and save the File name as shutdown.bat and select All Files from Save as type box.

create shutdown shortcut option

4. To test it click this file to shutdown your computer in just 5 seconds.

Method: 02

1. Right click your mouse on desktop and select NewShortcut.

2. Type Shutdown.exe -s -t 05 in shortcut location box and click Next button.

create shutdown shortcut option

3. Name your shortcut to Shutdown or anything as your wish.

4. Finally click the Finish button to done.

Optional Features:

The 05 value is the time to shutdown your computer. You can choose this value as your wish.
For example: To turn of your computer after 20 seconds, just replace 05 with 20.

The naked shutdown.bat file or shortcut icon looks very ugly. Isn’t it? Let’s make it beautiful.

a. Simply move the Shutdown.bat file from desktop to "C:\Windows" directory.

b. Right click on it and select Create Shortcut option.

c. Now move only the shortcut file to your desktop.

d. Download a beautiful shutdown icon (.ico format) from internet. You can choose an icon from below. Just save it.

shutdown icon shinemat shutdown icon shinemat shutdown icon shinemat shutdown icon shinemat

shutdown icon shinemat shutdown icon shinemat shutdown icon shinemat shutdown icon shinemat

e. Now right click on the shortcut icon and select Properties.

f. Click Change Icon and select your desire icon by clicking Browse.

g. Press OpenOKOK to done.

That’s all my friends. Hope you liked it. Have Fun and Allah Hafez…
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