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15 Interesting Information You Don’t Know About Eyes

Have you ever think how much interesting and valuable part the eyes in our body? It’s a simple and small pair that makes us very beautiful and to see beautiful elements. Only for the eyes millions of information we collect daily in our brain. There are lots of interesting and unknown information we’ll share here today about the eyes. Let’s read them…


1. The human eyes can separate around 10 million colors.

2. Peoples with blue eyes can drink more alcohol than normal men.

3.  Peoples who have blue eyes is very emotional.

4. The eyes of ostrich is bigger than its brain.

5. The eyes of Albert Einstein is stored in a museum of New York.

6. Honey bees have five eyes.

7. Dolphins sleep with one open eye.

8. Cats have three part of eyelid.

9. Only 2 percent peoples has green eyes in the world.

10. Human eyes is 576 mega pixel camera.

11. The 10 percent of your total walk you go with your close eyes by blinking your eyes.

12. Some animals can throw blood from eyes to escape from hunter.

13. What do you see after closing your eyes? It’s NOT black color. It’s “Eigengrau” color.

14. Carrot can not increase eyes power.

15. Squid’s eyes are something looks like Volleyball size.

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Topic Under: 3/13/2016
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