20 Things MUST To Do Before Applying For Adsense

You always want how to make money from home and for this reason you are going to apply Google Adsense to make money from home.
You know what; getting approval an adsense account is still very hard. But if you follow some rules and tricks the adsense team will surely approve your applied account.

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Today I will share with you some essential facts that you must fulfill before applying to world’s largest online advertising program “Google Adsense”

The following things to do before applying for adsense

Ways to get an adsense account

1. Blog design and looks

Your website or blog design must be clean, good looking and easy to access for visitors. So, install an eye catching theme and customize your other designs matching with your blog theme.

2. Insufficient blog posts

You have a good looking blog but if you have not enough posts then your blog value is zero. Always try to keep your blog updated with at least a new post daily. Never apply to Adsense if you have less than 20 posts. Write 30+ quality posts and then try to adsense. This is the easy way to get adsense on blogger.

3. Responsive web design

Nowadays more than 80% web traffic comes from mobile phones, tablets or smartphones. So, your blog must be responsive to all types of browser and devices. Moreover, Google also offers responsive ads for display. It means, if your blog is responsive, Adsense will response you. :-)

4. Domain age

Adsense team consider domain age. The minimum domain age for adsense is SIX months. Remember, this is not only domain age. The six months included with an active site with its domain name.

5. Lack of quality contents

Don’t boost your blog by writing poor contents. Google just hate bad contents and never index them. A quality post is worth a lot. Here quality content meaning is enriched by targeted keywords, proper images or videos, paragraphs, headline titles, LSI keywords and at least 300+ words. Also, the article should be informative and non-copied.

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6. No About Us and Contact Us page

Add a page about yourself, contact information etc. These types of page show you as professional and real. Google loves these pages.

7. Not submitted sitemap

Google Search Console is an important section to monitor some internal factors of your blog. Here, you should add your blog’s sitemap to index. After adding your blog to webmaster tool you can monitor your server errors, search analytics, crawl stats etc.

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8. Untrusted Ad networkers

If you use any other advertising programs which are not adsense compatible ad networks then stop them before applying to adsense. Because lots of ad networks blocked by adsense. And I think if you will get an adsense account you will never use other ad networks at all.

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9. Custom domain

I always recommend for this issue. If you can, consider to buy a top level domain name for your blog. When you apply to adsense with your own dot com domain name the adsense team will mark you as serious blogger.

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10. Not linking to Google analytics

Google analytics helps to monitor your overall traffic statistics. Such as: location, real time traffic, referral address and what not. So, it is also important and don’t forget to link your blog or website to Google analytics.

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11. Adult contents

Never add any pornographic or adult contents in your blog. If your blog contains adult contents, Adsense team will surely not approve your application.

NO Adult Content For Adsense

12. Must be 18+ age

In order to participate in Adsene program you must be 18 years old. Don’t take it lightly, because adsense will make it sure while paid to you.

13. Good organic traffic

Organic traffic means those traffic which comes from search engines. So, it is very important to drive your blog traffic from major search engines. Never use paid traffic.

To get more organic traffic from search engine you need to apply some SEO techniques. Learn SEO from here.

14. Adsense supported languages

Currently adsense supports several languages. If your blog written by unsupported language which is not listed in adsense language list never try to apply. Your application will be rejected.

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15. Copyright contents/ images/ videos

Google loves fresh and original contents that are completely done by you. Never publish anyone’s blog post. It will destroy your blog career. Always try to publish what you actually know.

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16. Violation links

Adult content is prohibited by Google and so its links to. Also some harmful links like PTC, Affiliate and bad reputed. Think twice before adding them to your blog. If you need to add, simply add no follow tag to your link. This will tell to Google bot to no follow the link.

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17. Post update duration

As I said before Google wants fresh and original contents. So, never apply for adsense if you have some posts published on five or six months ago. Write fresh and new post.

18. Traffic from paid traffic sites

Paid traffic hates by Google. Google always loves organic traffic from search engines. If you want paid traffic then make sure your paid traffic goes from reputed websites like Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Stumbleupon ads etc.

19. Down hosting server

If Google finds most of time your site’s server goes down and your visitors can’t get your site then Google will down your site to bottom in their results page. So, make sure your hosting service provider is well reputed and have good server uptime.

You can check your server status by adding your blog in Google search console.

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20. Over SEO optimized

Noting is good if you do over and over. This phrase is also workable in SEO term also. Standard SEO is all okay. But over SEO implementing is not good for your blog, this will mark your blog as spam in eyes of search engines. If can’t do it perfectly hire a SEO expert to do this job for you. After all done, you can apply for Adsense account.

So, Finally Are You Ready To Apply For Adsense?
How To Create An Adsense Account That Surely Approved.

That’s all you must consider before applying to Adsense and this is how to approve google adsense account with blogger. I will share some more amazing posts on Google Adsense to make you expert how to make money from home.

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