How To Start A Business Without Any Money?

Have you wonder to see the title? I know you do a little bit. Well, it’s natural.
How can I start my business without any money investing? It looks like impossible. Isn’t it? NO.

But also in some cases it is possible.

Stop thinking collecting your capital if you have limited or no money to start a business without money. I believe business comes from creative ideas not only from investing. To kick start your business you just need to gain some skills, hardworking mentality, marketing tips and enough patience.

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Business dealing is not easy at all dear so kill your all ego and esteem before starting a business.

How to start small business without money

Nowadays internet is a great source of learning anything. So, try to use it better to develop your skills.

Here I am going to share with you some business topics that you can start without any money investing for first time.

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Let’s see the ways to start a business without money.

  1. Private tuitions.
  2. Blogging. (This is my favorite one)
  3. Affiliate Marketing.
  4. CCTV camera installing. You can learn from youtube.
  5. Freelancing.
  6. Baking and food maker.
  7. Photo and video editing.
  8. Consulting about what you know best.
  9. Interior decoration ideas.
  10. Selling unique software downloaded from internet.
  11. Someone’s product or service marketing.
  12. Selling unique tutorial lessons.
  13. Homemade products. You can learn huge things from youtube for free.
  14. Start making videos via your phone and publish it on youtube and monetize your contents with Adsense.
  15. Offer virtual assistance service over phone or video calling.
  16. Travel consultant or guide of your local city.
  17. Web designing and website setup contract.
  18. Social media marketing. Such as: photos, videos, contents, events, products, services etc.
  19. Write E-books and sell online.
  20. Student ID card contract from schools and colleges. (I'm still earning from this service) :-)
  21. Wedding or event planner. Just sell your creative plan.
  22. Selling second hand materials in classified advertisements sites like OLX, bikroy.
These are some topics on how to start a small business with no money.



How to start marketing your business for FREE?

First of all you have no money to invest or marketing, so your prime source is social media like Facebook, twitter and Youtube. Second is, print some leaflet and distribute to targeted peoples. Don’t forget to offer very low costs as you can. Because your first target should be hold your customer's attention and then profit.

There are more unique marketing ways available that you can use.

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Hope you like this post and if you have any ideas don’t forget to let us know what business to start without money. Wish you a happy start. May Allah bless you all.

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