How To Submit URL To Google Using Fetch Tool?

Two days ago I published a post about Fixing Duplicate Content Error In Blogger Caused By Archive URLs and I noticed that the post URL was not getting indexed in Google search engine while my blog is crawling by Google every minute. I tried manually to add the post link using submit URL to Google tool. Next day I checked index status from my mobile and I found, it was not indexed at all.

I was wondering what the hell was happening.

And today again I submit same post URL using Fetch as Google tool. Just after submit the index request, it just took 5 seconds to add URL to Google search engine. Actually, I am still not understanding why this problem occurred. Anyway, the last solution that I found about submit URL to Google search engine is Fetch as Google tool.

Add URL to Google Index

Oh! Before starting, I want to let you know that you can also Resubmit Crawl Errors In Google Search Console and if you have updated any old post and want to re-crawl the old post URLs, you can use this tool.

The interesting matter is, the solution of these three different problems are totally same, (I mean, submit site to Google, Old Post Link Re-index and Resubmit Crawl Errors). Just the problem topics are different.

How To Submit URL To Google Using Fetch As Google Tool?

1. Log in to your Google Search Console account. You Can not submit url to google without signing in.

2. Click on your Site from the property list.

3. Click Crawl from the left side menu and then click Fetch as Google.

Google webmaster tools

4. In the Fetch as Google page, you will see your homepage URL already exists. You just need to paste your post link rest from your homepage.

For example:

5. Now select Desktop from the drop-down menu and click Fetch button.

Fetch as Google

6. Now after fetching your post link successfully, click Request Indexing.

Fetch as Google Request Index

7. In next popup window, Tick reCaptcha and select Crawl only this URL. Now Click Go Button.

Fetch as Google Request Index

That’s all you need to do for Google search engine submission quickly if your link is not getting indexed normally or submitted by Google submit link tool.

Hope this helps. If you need any help regarding SEO and submit URL to search engines feel free to ask me anytime. Stay well and Allah Hafez.


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Please DON'T spam here. Spam comments will be deleted just after our review.

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