10 Bad Habits That Increase Body Fat & Weight Overnight

We do almost every possible factors to reduce our body fat fast. Seeing some extra lower abs fat or any fat in our body parts makes us wonder and frustration. The fat in our body does not only look us ugly but also cause many physical problems. According to a research of Harvard University, overweight and over fat can increases the chance of dying very soon.

Shocking news, isn’t it?

fat girl wearing jeans pants

So, What you will do if your body fat still gaining after doing proper exercises, dieting and following all possible routines? Do you know where the problems are and what makes you fat fast?

Actually, the problems in your simple daily routine that you ignore all time.

Today we will share with you top 10 unhealthy weight gain reasons you should try to ignore.

01. Eating Fast Foods At Late Night

You do not eat fast foods or snacks all the day. Pretty good. But do you know having any types fast food at night will increase your body fat three times faster? Moreover, it will increase your cholesterol, blood pressure and insulin levels. So, if you really want to have a fast food, eat at daytime. DO NOT eat snacks at night. Remember, the main reasons are our bad eating habits to gain weight.

02. Taking Tea Or Coffee At Late Night

Do you work until midnight and you take tea or coffee to remove your sleep. Note that, your all other physical exercises will not work if you drink tea or coffee at late night. Drinking tea or coffee will increase caffeine level in our body that is not good for our health. In its place, you can drink herbal tea, green tea or a glass of warm water with a ginger mix.

03. Don’t Be A Sleepless Human

We all know that a normal duration of sleep is 8 – 9 hours per night. One or two days mistakes is Ok, but if you do not sleep 8-9 hours on a daily basis your health problems will start day by day. Remember, sleeping is very important for our health, but sometimes we forget it. I am sure, you must know how we feel if we do not sleep enough.

04. Not Doing Perfect Exercise

You do exercise but not perfectly then it’s all over. Instead of having the wrong exercise for 60 minutes, do perfect exercise for 20 minutes only. This will work even better. There are many types of exercise for different purposes and your main exercise target should be burn calories and belly fat. Just search on YouTube for your exercise.

05. Stop Using Electronic Devices In Bed

We have a very usual bad habit while we go to sleep. We use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. and spend our very valuable time for sleeping that we think it’s a very free time.
Remember, the lights of the display is reduced our sleeping mode and increase our weight. Instead of using electronic devices you can read a storybook or magazine.

06. Wake Up At Morning Too Late

Don’t get wake up from your bed too late in morning. Early morning has some unique features such as fresh air, noise-free environment, low peoples on street and you can breathe fresh oxygen from the pure air. So, wake up early and do some exercise if possible. Otherwise, walk for 15-20 minutes in the fresh air. Also, don’t forget to start your day without Namaz or prayer to God.

07. Try To Sleep At Right Side

It is scientifically proven that sleeping at right side will help our stomach digestion process very well because of its position. Also, it helps us to make our sleep very smooth. So, as I said just at the top, proper sleeping means good health. The right side sleeping method is highly recommended by Islam religion.

08. Turn Off WiFi Router And Dim The Light At Night

When you go to sleep consider to turn off your internet router. You may don’t know that it’s a silent killer for our brain and health. Router’s radio frequency is very harmful to our brain. Also, try to turn on your dim light after turn off your all lights. The full dark room is not good for mind and health. For dim light, you should use RED, ORANGE, BLUE or GREEN color lights.

Some colors are actually effects in our life. See the chart below.

Color Psychology of colors in human life

09. Do Not Wear Fitted Dress

Remember, night time is for relaxing. So, always get fresh when you are going to sleep and do not wear any types of fitted clothes. Body fitted dress will prevent our blood circulation and it’s a major reason to destroy our body shape by increasing fat.

10. Have A Glass Of Fresh Water Before Sleep

Nothing is similar to drinking water. Water is our second oxygen. Having a glass of fresh water before going to bed will surely make your sleep well, help proper digestion and it will prevent your body fat to increase. It's a smart way how to lose belly fat.

Hope this post helps. Looking for your nice comments about this post. Please share this blog with your friends. Stay well and Allah Hafez.


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  1. What you will do if your body fat still gaining after doing proper exercises


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