How To Active WhatsApp Account Without Mobile Number?

Hello friends, If you are looking for, "Can I use WhatsApp without a phone number" then you have come to the right place.

As you know WhatsApp is a very popular chatting and free calling service owned by Facebook.We all know that to use the WhatsApp service, users need to use their mobile number to active the WhatsApp account.

How To Active WhatsApp With A Free Online Number

Well, today we are going to teach you How To Active WhatsApp Account Without The Verification Code or while you are not using any mobile phone or if you don't want to use your mobile number to register your WhatsApp or a free online number for WhatsApp verification.

How To Activate Whatsapp Without Sim On Android Device?

Step 01: Creating A Phone Number on Google Voice

01. Install Google Voice app from Play Store.

02. Sign In to your Google account.

03. After signing in tap Search.

04. Now search by city or area code for your Google voice number.

05. Select your desire number and it's time to link your phone number to receive calls or messages.

06. On your Google Voice app go to Menu – Settings – Account – Devices and linked numbers and tap New linked number.

07. Now enter the mobile number that you want to link.

08. Google will send a verification code to your given mobile number. Enter it and hit verify.

Now you have a brand new free another phone number to use WhatsApp activating. You will find lots of way to for WhatsApp OTP generator online,
But that's a good way to get a WhatsApp verification code online.

Step 02: Install And Activating WhatsApp Without Phone Number

01. Go to your Play Store and install WhatsApp and open it.

02. Enter the new phone number that you got from Google Voice.

03. WhatsApp now sends you a verification number to your new Google Voice phone number.

If you did not receive the verification number you can tap Resend SMS or Call me again to request again for verification number.

04. Now you are all set just after confirming your verification code. Finally set your backup option, contacts, and name.

Hope this WhatsApp verification code bypass trick works for you well. If you need any assistance please let me know in the comments below. Good luck pals. 

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