Barack Obama Won The "Emmy Award" | Do You Know WHY?

Former US President Barack Obama won the Emmy Award for Best Narrator. Popular US President Barack Obama won the award for Obama's own Netflix documentary series called Our Great National Parks. President Barack Obama won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Narrative, the US Television Academy announced in a Twitter post.

Barack Obama Won Emmy Awards | ShineMat

Obama's production company Higher Ground Productions produced this 5-part series about national parks around the world. Before winning this Emmy Award, Barack Obama won Grammy Award which is another prestigious award in the United States. The award is mainly given for outstanding contributions to the music and entertainment sector.

Know that when someone wins Emmy Award, Grammy Award, Oscar Award, and Tony Award then it is called EGOT. Following this, former Nobel Prize winner Barack Obama went on to become an EGOT winner.

So far, Only 17 people in the world have received EGOT status. They are...

  1. Richard Rodgers - 1962
  2. Helen Hayes - 1953
  3. Rita Moreno - 1977
  4. John Gielgud - 1991
  5. Audrey Hepburn - 1993
  6. Marvin Hamlisch - 1995
  7. Jonathan Tunick - 1982
  8. Mel Brooks - 1967
  9. Mike Nichols - 2001
  10. Whoopi Goldberg - 2002
  11. Scott Rudin - 1984
  12. Robert Lopez - 2008
  13. Andrew Lloyd Webber - 2018
  14. Tim Rice - 2018
  15. John Legend - 2018
  16. Alan Menken - 2020
  17. Jennifer Hudson - 2021

Obama made history as the second president to win an Emmy Award. The first Emmy Award was won by US President Dwight D. Eisenhower. He won the award as the first US president to manage a televised press conference.

Obama's popular Netflix series Our Great National Parks showcases the natural beauty of national parks spanning five continents. Others who joined Obama in the best speech category were David Attenborough, Lupita Nyong'o, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Obama's production company Higher Ground Productions was founded by his wife Michelle Obama. Netflix signed a multi-billion dollar deal with Michelle Obama's Higher Ground Productions. The reason for saying multi-billion dollars is that the amount of money involved in this contract has not been disclosed.

Barack Obama previously won Grammy Awards for audio versions of his memoirs The Audacity of Hope and Dreams From My Father. The name of the first documentary about the Barack Obama couple on Netflix is "American Factory." This documentary won two awards, one is the Oscar and the second the Grammy Award.

President Barack Obama won the Nobel Prize in Peace in 2009 after winning the election.


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