WHY Google Stopped Translate Service In China?

Tech giant Google has recently stopped its Google Translate service in Mainland China. In the last ten years, Google has removed many of its popular services from the Chinese market. Following this, Google stopped its very popular service Google Translate. As a result, the Google Translate app is no longer available in China in App Store.

Google Discontinues Translate Service in China

Google company's authority says, we have stopped our Google Translate service in Mainland China due to the low usage of this service.

Google's business relationship with China has not been good for a long time. A clear proof of this is when Google stopped its search engine service in 2010. In some cases, the Chinese government has also blocked many of Google's services. For example, Google Maps and Gmail services.

As Google does not have many services in China, the people of that country are using the services of tech companies like Tencent for their local search engine Baidu and social media.

There is a clear understanding fact here that China does not want any company other than its own to provide services or to do business in the country. In the technology sector, almost all services like Google and Facebook have local competitors in China.

The Google company has moved the production of Google's popular mobile phone Pixel from China to Vietnam. Although Google does not have the opportunity to enter the local market of China, Google will be present in the Chinese market by having Android apps created by Chinese developers in the Google Play Store. But there is no guarantee that how long it will last.

In 2018, Google considered re-entering the Chinese market with Google Search Engine. But due to the opposition of Chinese workers and politicians, that has not been possible.

China's political and business relations with the US have not been going well in last recent years. Which has an impact on their technology. The United States is trying to keep artificial intelligence and various sensitive information and technologies out of China's possession.

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