Google CEO Sundar Pichai Awarded With "Padma Bhushan"

SUNDAR PICHAI, CEO of Google and Google's parent company Alphabet, recently received India's third highest civilian award, the "Padma Bhushan". Sundar Pichai was conferred with this honor for his outstanding contribution to the fields of business, technology, and industry.

Taranjit Singh Sandhu, Indian Ambassador to the United States, presented the award to Sundar Pichai on behalf of the Government of India in the presence of family members in the city of San Francisco, America. This time he said, Sundar Pichai's journey is an inspiration for all. His innovative energy has given rise to a shining star of Indian talent worldwide.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai awarded with Padma Bhushan Award

the Indian ambassador wrote on Twitter, "We are very happy to present the Indian award 'Padma Bhushan' to Google CEO Sundar Pichai in the city of San Francisco". His inspirational journey and genius have greatly strengthened the economic and technological relationship between India and the US. He hailed the contribution of the talent of Indian people to global technological innovation.

Indian-born Sundar Pichai, who was awarded the "Padma Bhushan" award by the Government of India, wrote in her blog, "I am very grateful to the Government of India and all Indians for this extraordinary honor. To receive such a great honor from the country where I was born and brought up means a lot to me.

He also said India is a very big part of my life. Wherever I go, this country stays in my heart. I am very fortunate to have been born into a family that gave special importance to my education. I am forever grateful to my parents. My parents have sacrificed a lot for this beautiful future of mine.

Sundar Pichai also said, "I will always continue to take forward all the good relations between India and Google."

Sundar Pichai's full name is Pichai Sundararajan. He was born on 12 July 1972. At his ancestral home in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. The journey started at Google in 2004.

First, he started working on Google Chrome and Chrome OS. Later, in 2019 Sundar Pichai was appointed CEO of Google and Google's parent company Alphabet.

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