How To Turn On Chrome's Enhanced Protection To Avoid Hacker Attacks

As the information technology sector is evolving, cyber hackers are also finding new ways to cheat general users every day. They are cheating online users in different ways and grabbing the personal information and money of common people. After that, Hackers sell these personal data and earn millions of dollars.

Enhanced Safe Browsing protection in your Chrome settings

So various tech giants are making their security systems stronger. It is the continuation of this that the Google company has brought stronger protection in their security settings. By changing just a few settings, you can protect yourself from the attacks of cyber hackers and their malware.

All of Google's online services have many advanced features to protect against hackers and malware. Using this you can keep all the information on your digital device safe. This secured feature of the popular browser Google Chrome is called Safe Browsing Mode. After enabling this special secured mode, the Google Chrome browser checks the list of all dangerous websites before users visit them. Safe Browsing Mode can identify dangerous sites and provide users with extra protection to keep their device information, e-mails, and various password data safe. Google's Safe Browsing mode checks all website links by default. If there is any malware or bad link detected then it immediately sends a warning message to the user about it.

How To Turn On Safe Browsing Mode In The Google Chrome?

◉ First open the Google Chrome Browser app on your Android device.
◉ Then click on the three-dot point in the upper right corner and click on the Settings option.
◉ From there, if you click on the Security and Privacy option, you can see three security mode options.

• No Protection
• Standard Protection, and
• Enhanced Protection

Now the user has to select the Enhanced Protection Mode option. That's it, you're done. From now on, Google will use its high-security system to help you browse the website safely.

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