What Is End-To-End Encryption Security In Online Communication?

Apps and online services that have "End-To-End Encryption" security features are generally considered more secure for communicating in the online world. This security facility is also considered to protect personal information and privacy to a great extent.

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  • What is end to end encrypted data?
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  • How does end-to-end encryption work?

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Encryption is a method where the customer's original information or data is changed into a digital code, which cannot be read or viewed normally. Special digital algorithms are used to re-read these changed and modified codes from start to finish to the customer at the other end.

The way to make an encrypted code readable is to decrypt it. This method of encrypting and decrypting is called Cryptography.

All encryption is not always computer dependent. However, we have been introduced to this cryptography issue with the growth of data exchange on the Internet. Currently, secure encryption has become mandatory everywhere for data storage and data exchange on the Internet.

The need for data encryption systems is increasing mainly to protect the privacy of digital information. The unencrypted data is called plain text and the encrypted data is called Cipher Text. All information stored in cloud stores on the Internet can be hacked or easily read by others if not encrypted. If all this information is stored as plain text or normal data, it is possible to extract the meaning of that information. But if the information is encrypted as a cipher, there will be no other way to read it than decrypting it.

The "Symmetric Key" method is very popular for data encryption. In this case, the same key is used to encrypt and decrypt the data. Another method of encryption is "Public Key Encryption". Here separate keys are used for encrypting and decrypting. In this method, two keys are generated for data encryption. The data is first encrypted using one key and the data is decrypted using the other key, i.e. for reading in normal mode. Various smart algorithms of "Public Key" encryption are mainly used to store data in cloud systems on the Internet.

This "end-to-end encryption" is used in almost all the most popular information-sharing websites and apps these days. Eg: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. If you notice while using these apps, you will see "End-to-End Encryption" written.

This means that all texts, images, audio video files, direct phone calls, or other format files sent from these apps cannot be read by anyone except the person to whom they are being sent. Even the company concerned will not be able to see it. This security method ensures that any information you send is not exposed to unauthorized persons and information cannot be hacked. Currently, this feature is not only available in chatting apps, but in e-mail services, this "end-to-end encryption" method is being used.

Hope I have been able to share with you detailed information about what is end-to-end encrypted messaging. If any information is missing or needs to be added, don't forget to comment below. I wish you good health. Stay Well and Allah Hafez.

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