Why Is Angry Birds Game Selling For $100 Million?

Recently, The popular news platform the Wall Street Journal reported, Rovio Entertainment, parent of the Finnish mobile game Angry Birds, to be bought for $1 Billion by Sega.

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According to the another report of The Verge, this business deal to buy the parent company of Angry Birds game could be completed within the next month. Angry Birds, the mobile game, was first released in 2009 and gained immense popularity worldwide. However, its popularity declined around 2014, and even incidents of layoffs occurred during that time. Despite the decrease in popularity, Sega Sammy Holdings is reportedly willing to acquire the game for $1 billion. This has surprised many.

In 2016, Angry Birds took new steps to regain its previous popularity. In the same year, the company launched a movie based on the video game called “The Angry Birds Movie”. This new animated movie was also successful. So far, the animated movie has remained at the seventh position in the box office category of video game-based movies in terms of highest earnings.

The sequel of the movie "The Angry Birds Movie 2" which was released in 2019 did not get much success. At the same time, the popularity of the "Candy Crush game", a competing game of Angry Birds, increased very significantly.

Meanwhile, the Rovio company has recently deleted the Angry Birds mobile game from the Google Play Store. However, the name of this game has been changed to "Red's First Flight" on iPhone. Previously, it was reported that Israeli company Plarium Entertainment had made a deal to acquire Rovio for 80 million dollars, but later it was not successful.

The mobile game Angry Birds is the first successful game with over 100 million downloads. Apart from this, Rovio, the company's claim, the total number of downloads of all their games has crossed almost 500 million last year.

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