Why Should Every Muslim Pray Tahajjud Prayer?

When people are asleep at midnight, the devout wakes up from sleep to pray and worship. They stand for Tahajjud prayer until the dawn of Fajr. It is also known as the "Night Prayer". Once Fajr comes, the Tahajjud prayer can no longer be performed. If one is not able to wake up after midnight, then they must pray the Tahajjud Salat after the Ishah prayer and before the Witr prayer. However, if one prays the Tahajjud prayer at the end of midnight, they will receive a greater reward from almighty Allah.

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Through Tahajjud salat, a direct relationship with Allah is established. At the end of the night, Allah invites His servants to seek forgiveness for their deeds. Abu Hurairah (RA) described that the Prophet (SAW) said, In the last third part of every night, our Lord Allah descends close to the sky and calls upon His servants and says,

Who is calling me, so that I may answer him?
Who is asking me, so that I may grant him?
Who is seeking forgiveness from Me so that I may forgive him? (Bukhari and Muslim hadith)

Wherever Allah is informed of a servant's prayer and request for forgiveness, there is the highest possibility of the fulfillment of the servant's prayer and forgiveness. Through Tahajjud prayer, a person can attain the satisfaction and proximity of Allah. When the daily prayers are performed, the reward is made public, but if the Tahajjud prayer is performed, the reward is kept secret.

Tahajjud prayer helps to protect a person from the whispers of Satan. In addition, it holds great significance in protecting one from the harm of enemies. Following the tradition of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in offering Tahajjud prayer not only earns the reward of following the Sunnah but also helps in the development of one's soul.

That's why we all Muslims should pray the Tahajjud prayer every midnight as it is loved by Allah and it gives inner strength and mental peace. Pray for me in your Tahajjud prayer. Stay well.

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