Google's First Foldable Phone “Pixel Fold”

Google has been working on producing foldable phones for a long time. In line with this trend, tech giant Google has announced the launch of its own first foldable phone in the market. They have recently released a video of the phone named 'Pixel Fold'.

Pixel Fold: Google's Foldable Phone

According to the video published by Google, the Pixel Fold, which is the foldable phone they created after working on it for a long time, can be used by opening the fold like a book. The phone's display size is 5.8 inches when folded. However, when the fold is opened, the display size will be 7.6 inches. As a consequence, in addition to working on a tiny tablet computer, it will also let you watch films or movies on a bigger display, making movie viewing much more enjoyable.

All phones in Google's Pixel series are very popular for their excellent photography. The "Google Pixel Fold" phone may have three cameras on the back, with a camera capacity of 9.5 megapixels. The phone may also have a stereo speaker setup above and below.

The Google Pixel Fold phone will have a USB Type-C port. Google may include a fingerprint sensor under the power button on its first folding phone. There is currently no information available about the details of the "Pixel Fold" mobile phone from Google. However, it is speculated that at the annual Google I/O developer conference on May 10th, Google will release all the details about the phone, along with its display. It has been reported in some sources that the Tensor chip processor has been used in the Pixel Fold phone. This processor was introduced last October and has already been used in Google's Pixel 7 phone.

The price of Google Pixel Fold could start at $1799. Google may launch this "Pixel Fold" phone in multiple storage and memory variants, according to the American tech giant Google.

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