10 Best Ways To Keep iPhone's Battery Health Good

Apple Tech Gaint one of the world's leading and top brand smartphone manufacturers, excels in innovation with its iPhone. Every iPhone users are most concerned about iPhone battery health.

Apple uses lithium-ion technology for the battery of the iPhone. Lithium-ion batteries are used for fast charging and have a longer lifespan even after charging more times.

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However, in the case of the iPhone, its deviation can be seen. After a certain period, the iPhone battery's health performance decreases. But if you know some tips, you can easily keep the iPhone battery health good for a long time.

How To Keep iPhone's Battery Health Good?

1. Regularly update the software of your iPhone. To update the iPhone iOS, go to the Settings option - and tap on the General option. Now tap on the Software Update option. If the latest iOS or any external update is available, then click on Start to update the iPhone.

2. You can keep the phone's brightness in auto mode to improve iPhone battery health good.

3. Another way to maintain the iPhone's battery health is to use the low-power mode option. Turn on the low power mode option when the iPhone's battery level is below 20%. This will prevent excessive pressure on your battery even when the charge is low.

4. Additionally, it is advisable to turn off the Background Activity feature on your iPhone. This will prevent any apps from running in the background which may continuously use your battery.

5. To improve your iPhone's battery life, using Dark Mode is very effective. When Dark Mode is enabled, it not only makes smartphone usage easier on the eyes but also uses less battery power.

6. If you pay attention to the battery usage section, you will notice that the battery usage of "Home Screen and Lock Screen" is usually higher. Therefore, it is good to set a specific time in the iPhone's auto-lock settings.

7. Another way to keep the iPhone battery health good is to control the temperature. According to the information provided by Apple, the ideal ambient temperature for iPhones and other Apple devices is between 62 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 16 to 22 degrees Celsius. A temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius) can permanently damage the battery capacity of the iPhone.

8. Keep notifications turned off. If notifications are turned on for any app, the system uses battery and data to deliver the latest notifications for that app. So turning off notifications for unnecessary apps can save significant battery life on an iPhone.

9. Every time when you charge your iPhone make sure to avoid maximizing your charge cycles and in that case use only official Apple iPhone chargers.

10. Don't leave your iPhone without charge for too long and charged overnight.

Hope these tips help you to keep your iPhone battery health good. If you know other tips regarding this please share with us. We will add your tips to this post. Stay well and healthy. Allah Hafez.

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