6 Reasons Why Do Women Prefer Scooters Than Motorcycles?

Riding bikes by women has become quite common nowadays. Many enjoy it as a hobby or use bikes out of necessity. However, nowadays it is more common to see women riding scooters on roads than bikes. Many even believe that scooters are designed specifically for women. But actually, the truth fact is not quite like that.

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There are several reasons why women prefer riding scooters over bikes. Multiple surveys have revealed that scooters offer a more comfortable design and are lighter in weight, making women feel more at ease while riding. Scooters are easy to control, and statistics also indicate that scooter sales surpass bike sales in the country.

Besides, there are several other reasons why women prefer scooters over bikes. Let's explore in detail those special reasons in today's post.

1. Attractive Features

Scooters have various features that make them highly desirable to women. For example, most scooters have ample under-seat storage, which provides an ideal space to keep necessary items. Additionally, scooters stand out with their exceptional colors and designs.

2. Lightweight

Scooters are significantly lighter in weight compared to bikes. For instance, the TVS Pep Plus scooter weighs only 95 kilograms. With a ground clearance of 135 millimeters (5 inches), the distance between the scooter's chassis or frame and the ground is minimal. The seat height of scooters is around 768 millimeters. The reduced weight and compact size of scooters make it much easier for women to control them. They can navigate through traffic signals effortlessly and find parking without much hassle.

3. Reduced Technical Complexity

In comparison to bikes, scooters have less complex mechanics and lower maintenance costs. Unlike bikes, scooters do not require gear shifting. Since most scooters have continuously variable transmission (CVT), there is no need for gear changes. Moreover, the suspension and braking systems of scooters are generally straightforward. Starting a scooter is as simple as a twist of the throttle, making it convenient for commuting and parking without any hassle.

4. Engine Size and Speed

Scooters come with engine sizes ranging from 50cc to 250cc. These scooters offer good mileage, which is essential for women who often commute to the office and have various travel needs. For example, A 500cc engine scooter can reach speeds of up to 40 mph.

5. Fuel Efficiency

Scooters are highly fuel-efficient, making them ideal for daily commuting. Some scooter models can achieve fuel efficiency of up to 132 mpg.

6. Affordable Price of Scooters

Currently, two-wheeler manufacturers offer attractively styled scooters at a lower price compared to bikes. Scooters are generally more affordable than bikes, and the market offers a wide range of scooter options. This makes scooters a top choice for women of all ages.

Hope you like this post about Why do women prefer scooters over bikes. Always Wear a helmet and ride safe. Allah Hafez.

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