India Gets Meta Verified: Know The Subscription Information, Price, and More

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has recently revealed that its subscription model called Meta Verified is now accessible in India. This announcement follows approximately five weeks after the company initiated the waitlist for Indian users.

Mark Zuckerberg took to his Instagram Channel to make the announcement, stating, "Meta Verified is now available in India, the UK, and Canada, and will soon expand to Brazil."

META Verify Facebook & Instagram Accounts

Additionally, he mentioned that all previously verified accounts on Instagram and Facebook will retain their status without any charges.

Meta Verified Price In India

In March, Meta announced that subscribers to Meta Verified in India may sign up online (Only for Facebook) for Rs 599 per month.
For Android and iOS users, the subscription cost for Meta Verified is Rs 699 per month.

How To Subscribe To Meta Verified?

To be eligible for a Meta Verified subscription, certain criteria have been set by the company. These criteria include the following:

⦿ Users should have previous experience using Facebook or Instagram, along with a few posted items to demonstrate their activity.

⦿ The minimum age requirement for users is 18.

⦿ Applicants require a government-issued ID with their full name and photo on it; this information needs to match the information that is on their Facebook or Instagram account.

What Actually Meta Verified Offer?

Similar to the Twitter Blue subscription, Meta Verified offers several benefits. Mark Zuckerberg stated that Meta Verified is aimed at enhancing authenticity and security throughout their services.

In addition to receiving the Meta Verified badge, verified users will receive protection from impersonation. Moreover, subscribers will have access to genuine customer support instead of automated bots.

The company asserts that paying the monthly fees will enhance users' content visibility and expand their reach. This implies the user's content will appear in people's newsfeeds, search results, and comments with more prominence.

Subscribers will also gain exclusive stickers for Stories and Reels on both Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, where available, they will receive 100 Stars per month on Facebook to support other creators.

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