New Features Coming to Threads : It Won't Promote Political And News

Due to controversial initiatives, the number of active Twitter users has decreased significantly. As a result, the competitor platform Meta has come up with an alternative platform called Threads. Instagram just added Threads to its platform, combining capabilities like search, hashtags, and following feeds.

What are threads in social media?

Meta has announced that these features will also be added to Threads in the future as an alternative to Twitter. Previously, the team behind Threads had attempted to manage activities as a viable alternative platform, including Truth Social and Ku. Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, stated that the Threads platform will soon incorporate additional standard features of the Instagram platform. These include search, hashtags, following feeds, graph syncing, and diverse support. Mosseri further mentioned that messaging capabilities will also be activated on the platform, but no specific date was mentioned. Despite being considered an alternative to Twitter, Threads has faced criticism since its inception due to the absence of various features.

On the other hand, Adam Mosseri confirmed that politics or hard news topics will not be encouraged on Threads. Political issues or dry news carry the risk of increased fact-checking, bias, and information accuracy. Therefore, these subjects will not be included in Threads. Mosseri wrote that Threads provide a space for discussing topics beyond politics or news, such as sports, music, fashion, beauty, and entertainment. Through these discussions, Threads can become a vibrant medium.

Moreover, Meta has recently created a distance from politics or news-related content. Facebook has reduced the display of political content on its platform, and even last year, it separated the "News" section from the Facebook feed. Additionally, due to new regulations in Canada, Meta has limited the display of news links on Facebook and Instagram.

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