Hot Actress Zareen Khan To Star Opposite Shakib Khan: The New Pairing Creating Buzz!

Shakib Khan, the super megastar of Dhallywood, is now set to act alongside Hot Bollywood actress Zareen Khan. This news has created quite a buzz in the Dhallywood film industry, and filmmakers in Bangladesh are nurturing new dreams around this collaboration.

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Producer Onnoyon Mamun has been hinting for a few days now that he is starting a new film project with Shakib Khan. In this film, a Bollywood Super Sexy actress Zareen Khan will be playing opposite the Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan, but no official announcement has been made yet regarding the identity of this Bollywood actress. The suspense is keeping everyone intrigued.

Multiple reliable sources have confirmed that Bollywood actress Zareen Khan will be acting opposite Shakib Khan in the upcoming film. Fans are intrigued about her part in the movie because she has opted to keep quiet about the situation.

The shooting for this film, titled "Dorod," will commence in September in the city of Varanasi, India. Producer Onnoyon Mamun mentioned to the media that he is not ready to reveal any details at the moment, but everything will be finalized within a few days. The shooting of the film is scheduled to begin on September 10th in Varanasi, and the movie will be released simultaneously in Bangladesh and India.

Meanwhile, Shakib Khan's latest film "Priyotoma" has already been released in cinemas both within the country and abroad. Directed by Himel Ashraf, the movie is drawing large audiences in cinema theaters. In the "Priyotoma" movie, Kolkata's actress Idhika Pal plays opposite Shakib Khan.

As for Shakib Khan, he is currently residing in the United States. He has been traveling to various places in the US with her son Joy. On social media, pictures and videos of their travels are trending now.

Fans are quite excited to watch Shakib Khan and Zareen Khan work together in the next movie, and everyone is looking forward to witnessing this unusual coupling on the big screen in the theater.

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