Justin Trudeau And Sophie: Vacationing Together After Separation

Under one roof for over a decade, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire have chosen separate paths after parting ways. Despite their marriage separation, their friendly relationship has not come to an end. That's why the two are spending their vacation together. Their children are also with them.

According to a report from a Canadian media outlet, Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire are currently spending time at a resort in British Columbia after Justin Trudeau divorced. The expenses for this vacation will be covered by Justin Trudeau.

Images of Justin Trudeau

However, their exact location hasn't been disclosed by the Canadian Prime Minister's office. Nevertheless, it's been said that they will return on August 18th.

A local Canadian newspaper has reported that they will be staying somewhere in the western region of British Columbia for a week. Even though this couple has officially separated, they remain committed to taking care of their children and ensuring a bright future for them.

During the announcement of Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire divorce, both of them mentioned that they are parting ways. However, they are still planning to spend time together as a family. They are also thinking about their children's future.

On August 2nd, Justin Trudeau made the announcement of their marriage separation on his official Instagram account. Sophie also made the same announcement on her Instagram. This announcement shocked a lot of people.

Despite their separation, this couple hinted at maintaining a solid relationship in an Instagram picture. They have declared that they would continue to be "Like a close-knit family, founded in love and respect."

In 2005, Justin Trudeau and Grégoire got married in Montreal and currently, they have three children together.

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